February 14, 2019

Chefs! Buyers! Buy Half Carcasses of Wagyu Beef on Auction!

Wagyu will be supplied by Absolute Wagyu and will be available on Auction Monthly on the WagyuX Website.

Beefmaster Services To The Buyer:

Beefmaster is licenced as a feedlot and abattoir under Certified Wagyu Beef who deliver to all major cities in South Africa.

The carcasses are Halaal and slaughtered at the Beefmaster Kimberley abattoir which also includes its own custom factory shop which means that you have the luxury of specifying the type and amount of prime cut steaks, patties, wors, biltong etc. upon order.

The Buying Process:

The carcasses will be sold in halves; you will be buying either the left or right half and they are individually marked, with the known weight and marble score.

The shop can do Wagyu deboning and portioning on behalf of the client.

Beefmaster has state of the art packing facilities and all portioned or processed beef will be packaged by Cryovac technology. *Delivery costs are not included in the sale price.


Auction Details:

To register on the WagyuX auction platform click here.

Contact Us:

Absolute Wagyu¬† –¬† Dr Willie van Heerden: 0722991056