Chef Lecturer

AREA/DEPARTMENT: Teaching and Learning

REPORTS TO: Managing Principal

JOB SCOPE: The Lecturer is responsible for the planning and delivery of teaching and learning activities of students in accordance with the institution’s strategy. The lecturer assesses student learning and maintains accurate administrative records relating to all teaching and learning interventions.


Appropriate chef Qualification at NQF Level 6 or higher.

Post-graduate qualification in education an advantage.

Registered assessor.

Registered moderator an advantage.

Relevant industry experience as a chef. At least two years experience in an

education and training environment.


  • Theory and practical lecture planning, preparation and research.
  • Deliver contact teaching sessions for knowledge and practical modules.
  • Deliver industry training and workshops.
  • Facilitate distance/ e-learning interventions.
  • Develop and implement assessment strategies.
  • Invigilate examinations.
  • Assist in arranging work experience placements.
  • Develop and implement at-risk interventions to improve student through- put rate and graduation statistics.
  • Maintain accurate records detailing student attendance and academic performance.
  • Fulfill a positive leadership role, acting as an ambassador for the institution’s brand.
  • Maintain a positive relationship with all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Liaise with students, sponsors and parents on an ongoing basis, where required.
  • Contribute positively within committee structures to ensure the achievement of academic and business goals.
  • Manage training kitchen and all matters connected thereto.


  1. The functions and responsibilities listed in the job description may be changed at any time depending on the operational requirements of the employer and within the department and parameters of the post held by the employee.
  2. The list of tasks, duties and responsibilities listed are not exhaustive and the employer or manager is entitled to instruct the employee at any time to carry out additional duties or responsibilities which fall reasonably within the ambit (scope) of the job description or in accordance with operational requirements.
  3. Should you disagree with any instruction issued, representation may be made to your supervisor, manager or higher authority by means of the grievance procedure, but in the first instance the instruction shall be obeyed or followed.
  4. Personal conduct and dress code should be in line with the company’s professional image.
  5. You are required to familiarize yourself with the employee handbook you received when you were employed and ensure that you comply with the policies and procedures in it.
  6. You are required to comply with all the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
  7. You have a responsibility towards the Health & Safety of the company, employees and guests. You are required to report any Health & Safety issues you observe in the workplace to your manager as soon as possible and follow all Health & Safety Policies and Procedures (as stipulated in the Employee Handbook and within your specific department).


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Closing date is 16 November 2018.

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