November 17, 2020

Pete Goffe-Wood Cooks the Ultimate Festive Feast – and You can Cook Along, Too

The one and only Chef Pete Goffe-Wood will take to the kitchen and show us how things should be done for the Live-Cook Channel’s final episode for 2020, taking place on Wednesday, 9 December at 18h00.

He’s been with the Live-Cook Channel from the beginning, wowing the audience with his culinary knowledge, keeping us all entertained with his jovial conversation, and has won our hearts with his, well, hearty laugh! Now Chef Pete will show us how it should be done as he takes to the kitchen in Episode 9. He’ll be joined by fellow reality TV legend and braai maverick Benny Masekwameng, who will be taking him through his paces.

Make Roast Chicken Breast and Bacon Chilli Risotto

On Wednesday, 9 December at 18h00, Chef Pete Goffe-Wood will show us how to create his signature Roast Chicken Breast and Bacon Chilli Risotto served with a delicious Coriander Cashew Pesto. Both chicken breast and risotto are tricky dishes to get right – the one ending up too dry, the other too wet. Now Pete will show us how it’s meant to be done, and just in time, too, with Christmas around the corner. Not only will you be able to level up your skills in the kitchen with one of TV’s top celebrity chefs, but you’re also guaranteed to be eating the tasty fruit of your labour afterwards – delish! 

The Ultimate Pair to Master the Kitchen

Pete Goffe-Wood has been an anchor on the Live-Cook Channel since its inception. He’s brought many laughs, insights, and excitement to our show. But now as he takes to the kitchen, the show has brought a guest presenter who will no doubt whet your appetite for braai season: Benny Masekwameng! The charming Chef Benny was a featured chef earlier this year, and now, as they close off 2020, he’ll be bringing his charisma and spirit to the Live-Cook Channel once more. 

Both Chefs Pete and Benny go way back and have been celebrity judges on shows like MasterChef SA and Ultimate Braai Master. They are both keen barbeque and fire folk, so much fun to watch and have real chemistry in the kitchen – so viewers will be thoroughly entertained as they absorb their experience and insights into cooking. 

BOOK 2 COOK and Get Your Meal Kit Delivered

Although the live-streamed episode is free for all to tune in and watch, the real heart of the Live-Cook Channel is its cook-along component. All ticketholders who book to cook receive a meal kit ahead of the show with all the ingredients they need to create Chef Pete’s drool-worthy dish. This includes locally-sourced chicken and bacon, quality rice and fresh vegetables, herbs and spices such as chilli paste, cashew nuts and coriander. 

Meal boxes are available in 2 and 4 portions, with prices ranging from R425 for a 2-portion box, and R595 for a 4-portion box. These can be booked on WebticketsFoodGuru or Quicket. Bookings for Pete Goffe-Wood’s cook will close at midnight on Thursday, 3 December. 

Book Your Year-End Function Now

Cook a virtual feast alongside your colleagues and show off your kitchen prowess through an exquisite culinary creation. You can book to join one of the Live-Cook Channel’s monthly live-streamed episodes, or you can pamper your employees and book an exclusive cook with one of our celeb chefs on the virtual platform of your choice. Arrange your virtual year-end function through Barbara Elshove on

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