January 7, 2020

Sophistication and Comfort Reign at Magnolia

Noma Tsheleza and Ayesha Binkowski explored the offerings at Magnolia Social Dining Lounge, located at Erinvale Estate Hotel and Spa. Here’s the lowdown.

Before we even reached Magnolia Social Dining Lounge, we were left in amazement of the Erinvale Estate Hotel and Spa where it is situated. The state is a breath of fresh air. It has been around for 25 years, so it comes without surprise that Magnolia surpassed our expectations. The restaurant pleases all the five senses.

Our visual senses were pleased before our appetite was appeased, and that already makes it a winner. Any person who loves detail will appreciate the interior of the restaurant. It is perfectly designed to function as a social lounge. The sophistication does not take away the comfort, allowing for a great space of interaction.

To say we relished the food would be an understatement. The plating was exquisite and Executive Chef Stefan Bekker gave us the background of the menu. Chef Stefan has been present at Magnolia for a year now and his creative cuisine shines.

As we walked in, we were presented with sushi, vegetable dumpling which had grilled bok choi, ginger sauce and zucchini flowers. The duo of pork, compiling of braised pork cheek, bitterballen croquette, cauliflower puree, sago crackling and mustard seeds is a dish set up.  A restaurant judgement is not done till the dessert is served and we were not disappointed. The Macaroons were a delight which left us satisfied.

From food and staff to aesthetics, Magnolia Social Dining Lounge hits the spot and offers diners a quality experience. Be sure to tour the rest of the Erinvale State Hotel and Spa for an enriching experience. Anywho are young in spirit, an energetic and lively person should make this place part of their itinerary. They will love the comfort and breath of fresh air that it offers.

Fresh Mussels: West coast mussels, sauvignon blanc, garlic, leeks, lemon, cream
Grilled Ocean Trout: Coconut broth, fermented black garlic aioli, bok choi
Prawn Risotto: Grilled prawns, spring onion, corn, parmesan, smoked lemon butter sauce, herb oil
Smoked Salmon Pizzette: Tomato base, capers, red onion, mozzarella, avocado

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