November 16, 2020

A Must for All Chefs: The Revolutionary New UFS Academy App

Unilever Food Solutions is a business built by chefs, so they know what you face every day in the kitchen. Everything they do is focused on making your life a little easier.

It’s no secret that in the F&B and hospitality industry, training and improving skill-set is of utmost importance. And it’s this demand from the industry that has led the team at Unilever Food Solutions to help chefs progress and better contribute to their teams.

This why they are excited to introduce the UFS Academy App! It is loaded with hundreds of training videos – all under 2 minutes long – filmed with expert chefs around the world (including some local home-grown chefs) so you can start learning right away. This dynamic app is free to download on Google Play and on the iStore.

Learn from global chefs – plus manage your team’s learning more effectively

Drawing from their extensive experience in professional foodservice, Unilever’s global team of over 300 chefs have created a training solution that balances the basics such as food safety and hygiene, with ambitious courses such as mastering Nordic cuisine.

The culinary world is continuously evolving. You never want to stop experiencing new things and learning. As a progressive chef, you want your team to know more and stay challenged. That is why the UFS Academy App feature, Manage My Team is a must.

Start guiding your team’s learning with the paid Manage My Team feature (available for 1 month FREE*). Simply select and assign new courses and start tracking their individual progress. This unique and wonderful feature doesn’t stop there, Manage My Team is available for up to 40 team members.

As an added FREE feature, the certificates that come with completed courses are endorsed by the South African Chefs Association.

So, if you are just starting out and need to build a stronger team, or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen up your team’s skills, the UFS Academy App’s team of industry professionals are waiting to share hints, tips and tricks you can use right now. There are classes for every skill level.

Download the App – and begin you and your team’s journey today!

* Only valid for a limited time and subject to change without prior notice.