September 21, 2022


Delicious B-well Mayo – A simple solution to your Vegan Menu Option. Why have two mayo’s when you just need one? And its Vegan 

The B-well Mayonnaise Vegan range has been creating a buzz within the food services industry and furthermore been seeing a significant rise in over-the-counter sales nation-wide, as more people hear about it, more are drawn to its health benefits.  Numbers have shown that 75% of South Africans who lead a healthier lifestyle are leaving meat off their plates at least once a week. One is now required to at least have one vegan option on their menu to serve the greater plant-based diet. This has now gone mainstream because regular mayo contains ingredients with loads of saturated fat and oil which vegans cannot eat. 

This is why more and more South Africans are choosing B-well Mayonnaise:  

  • Plant Based Vegan Mayo – mayo that does not contain eggs/ dairy-free – perfect for use as a base to sauces. This is known to be generally healthier than dairy-based mayo
  • It’s Healthier – than other dairy-based mayo and contains no cholesterol and only 7% saturated fat content.
  • GMO Free – with a high production standard B-well does not use ingredients produced from GMO crops – in an effort to better meet consumers preferences.  
  • Locally produced in Swellendam – a small humble town 220km out of Cape Town, Western Cape. Supporting local ensures that were uplifting our local communities and have cleaner ingredients. 
  • High in Omega 3 – Our bodies have trouble producing Omega3 however, it is vital for optimal functioning, containing the perfect ration of Omega 3 to Omega 6 B-well Mayo ensures that the health value is not compromised. 

Approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa with a clear heart mark on their label which is an important component to help consumers identify healthier food options. 

Awarded Cansa Seal of Approval as part of their ongoing effort to reduce exposure to carcinogens and other risk factors associated with cancer development. 

Chefs in SA have been using mayonnaise as a condiment with B-well mayo being the unsung hero in dishes like potatoe salad, deviled eggs, sandwiches and plenty of savoury dish. With B-well Mayonnaise,  they are providing local solutions to boost healthier food choices in all culinary kitchens.  

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