April 11, 2019

A Simply Stylish New Menu Launches at Social Kitchen & Bar

New Menu

Joburg foodies will be thrilled to know that Executive Chef Beatrix Thornhill, of Social Kitchen & Bar, has recently released a brand-new menu.

Boasting generous, flavour-filled dishes, beautifully plated and adorned with floral hues, the menu is a charming, yet bold rendition of art on a plate.

Beatrix joined Social Kitchen & Bar in 2018 and has been working hard to create a menu inspired by the people who eat there. Packed with hearty, warm and loving flavours each dish was conceptualized by what the diners like to eat and made complete with the creative genius so unique to this chef.

“Our patrons like to eat what they know; the trick has been to present it to them with some flair. Simply stylish is how I would describe our new menu; simple food done stylishly,”

Executive Chef Beatrix Thornhill

Social Kitchen & Bar has been rated Johannesburg’s best restaurant to share hand-crafted food and conversation. You can find it inside the Exclusive Books store in Hyde Park, and boasts a view fit for a king.

Inspired by its bookstore setting, the menu is laid out like the pages of a novel, with a foreword by the chef and each course divided into chapters.

Thornhill presents a mix of cuisines and flavours – each dish delivering a universal undertone with a South African twist. Think, rooibos infused crème brûlée and fish cake tacos. With a kitchen that houses a classic Josper oven, patrons can expect a variety of smoky, fire-flavoured ingredients too.

“Social Kitchen & Bar is all about sharing conversations and sharing great food in a beautiful space. We’ve created a series of familiar favourites but injected them with our own unique flair which will leave you feeling as if you are dining from your very own home away from home,”

Executive Chef Beatrix Thornhill

For reservations call Social Kitchen & Bar on 011 268 6039 or email reservations@socialkitchenandbar.co.za.

For more information, visit www.socialkitchenandbar.co.za.

Beatrix will be adapting her menu on a seasonal basis and will keep looking to her patrons for inspiration, information and innovation.

A Few Items on the New Menu:


Ciabatta Board

Josperized Ciabatta, creamy onion dip, hummus, marinated black and green olives



Chickpea Salad

Roasted Spanish rub, chickpeas, courgettes, bean sprouts, roasted balsamic beetroots, rosemary lemon crackers, heirloom tomatoes, mixed greens, yoghurt and tahini dressing


Light meals:

Roasted Josper Cauliflower Bun-less Burger

Jospered cauliflower, chickpeas, roasted potato and onion, grilled aubergine, fresh slices of tomato, wild rocket & micro leaf mix, and guacamole


Sweet Side of Life:

Rooibos Crème Brûlée

South African rooibos tea made into a crème brûlée, lavender shortbread finger.

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