August 6, 2019

A South African Bubble Tea Company giving G&Ts a fresh new taster

The Bubble Tea Shop Online (BTSO) today announced the launch of their Boba Gift Set, a collection of their 3 most popular flavours of Bursting Boba, Blueberry, Strawberry and Granadilla, which is set to hit major online retailers and liquor stores around South Africa in August 2019.

Bursting Boba (also known as Popping Pearls or Juice Balls) are delicious balls of bright fruit juice covered in a thin gel-like film, that bursts on your tongue and come ready to serve for fast, easy preparation.
Bursting Boba originally gained popularity as a topping for Bubble Tea, a traditional Taiwanese tea-based drink but now these little balls of juice are being picked up by gin enthusiasts and being used to garnish their gins, cocktails and prosecco.
“We’re just giving gin some balls,” says Stuart Jenkins, director of sales at BTSO “we took our 3 most popular flavours, which our customers are using to give their gin and tonic a fresh new take, stacked them vertically and then wrapped them in gorgeous packaging, ready to be packed next to your favourite gin on the shelf”
Gin has seen tremendous growth over the past few years in South Africa and is expected to see a steady increase in sales for the year to come. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) released its end of year market report that showed Gin grew by 53% in sales last year in Great Britain alone, which may be a good indication of a future growth trend to come in South Africa. With the Craft Gin scene flourishing locally, people are looking for new ways to personalise their drinks, whether it be with an artisanal tonic or delicious garnishes.
BTSO noticed a surprising increase in customers visiting their online store to buy products for gin. “Since the beginning of 2019, about 40% of our sales for Bursting Boba are made by gin enthusiasts,” says Stuart. They have now since created a ‘Love Gin’ product category to cater for their new clientele.
Features of the Boba Gift Set:
• 3 popular flavours. Blueberry, Strawberry and Granadilla; perfect to pair with most gins and prosecco.
• They are ready-made. Refining your G&T has never been easier.
• Each boba contains real fruit juice, is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

The Boba Gift Set will be available starting 1 August 2019 at R240.00 For more information on the Boba Gift Set, visit

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