January 26, 2022

Airocide air purification systems can help restaurateurs breathe easier

Airocide® can give struggling industries like the hospitality industry a fighting chance amid the Covid-19 pandemic, says Walter Mbatha, CEO of 3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals.

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals wants those working in the strained restaurant and hospitality industry to breathe easier as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact these sectors.

The NASA-developed technology used in Airocide® consumer and commercial air purification systems can give struggling industries like the hospitality industry a fighting chance, says Walter Mbatha, CEO of 3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals.

3Sixty is one of the largest black owned companies in South Africa and has exclusive distribution rights of the Airocide systems within the continent of Africa.

“For the tourism and hospitality industry to provide their patrons and guests with peace of mind that their establishments have been fitted with technology that’s been lab tested and clinically proven to kill 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that cause Covid-19) within minutes – it could be the difference between the life or death of many businesses. We believe it’s vital to work with organisations like the Restaurant Association of South Africa to give struggling industries like the hospitality industry a fighting chance,” Mbatha said.

How it works

Airocide uses cutting edge NASA developed technology that has been proven to eradicate everything harmful in the air of homes, restaurants and other enclosed spaces, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pollen, mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and odours.

The technology inside each air sanitation unit kills more than 99.99% of airborne pathogens and VOCs that pass through its processors. 

“Airocide completely mineralizes threats and converts them to trace amounts of carbon dioxide and water vapour. The airflow our commercial air purification units emit is free of pathogens and odours. What’s more, airflow in your facility from Airocide has NO EMISSIONS, harmful gases or ozone” the company says.

The air sanitation units can easily be placed in a restaurant or hotel where they will be most effective, providing additional protection in public spaces where people are inclined to remove their masks.

How to maximise its effectiveness

While Airocide Photocatalytic Air Purifying Systems are not integrated or built into the central heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems of a building, its room-to-room performance is enhanced by super pure air mixing and travelling around the space via the room’s natural and forced air movement.

In essence, the Airocide system’s effectiveness in a given coverage area is enhanced by the HVAC system’s interconnected ductwork. Airocide air purifiers can be installed attached to walls or ceiling in any room of a building and its benefit can be seen in other rooms as long as that room location has an air conditioning/heating inlet and air return. In this way air ‘communicates’ throughout the interconnected and adjacent rooms.

Air purification and removal of air contamination occurs by multiple air passages through the Airocide system’s photocatalytic chamber where a chemical reaction takes place yielding more than 99.99% pure air that then mixes with remaining contaminated air. A pure – to – contaminated mixing then occurs multiple times over several hours resulting in the lowering of both solid particles and gaseous contamination in the total space.

As new contaminants are introduced by opening doors to the outside or internally generated gaseous chemicals or human carriers of new organic matter the air purifying system continues 24/7 processing the air. The key to maximizing its effectiveness is the continuous operation and exceptionally high single pass removal capacity. 

Only super pure air and trace amounts of water vapour and carbon dioxide pass out of the system, allowing patrons and staff to breathe easier.

Visit Airocide Africa for more information.

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