March 24, 2022

Airocide air purification systems: The reviews are in

Airocide® air purification systems are now available in South Africa and across the continent. But what is the public saying about the product? We scoured the internet to find out:

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals, one of the largest black-owned companies in South Africa, has secured an exclusive deal to sell Airocide® air purification systems across the continent.

Airocide®’s cutting-edge technology developed for NASA has been proven to eradicate everything harmful in the air of homes, restaurants and other enclosed spaces, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pollen, mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and odours.

But what is the public saying about the product? We scoured the internet to find out:

A South African customer review from the Takealot website:

“For the one week I have been using the Airocide, we woke up without the typical morning headaches due to air pollution in our area. Although it is very early to justify the price tag compared to the other less expensive ones, I am happy with my purchase. It is slightly noisy but not more than one of the other less expensive units I already invested in and definitely not a bother at all.”

A US customer review from the Amazon website:

“This air purifier is absolutely beautiful. The design is meticulously executed and it looks like an interesting piece of art in person. I replaced a much larger and traditional HEPA purifier and haven’t missed it at all. I think the air that comes out of the Airocide smells purer and the device is more effective at neutralizing air odors than the HEPA filter ever did. The fan is audible but I barely notice it at all and is, as they describe, like very quiet white noise. A side note that the power cord is white, which I like as it matches my baseboards and blends away. Assuming it continues to work at this level, I can’t imagine going back to a big air puffier ever again, as this works so well.”

A review on

“Overall, the Airocide air purifier is a good product for people with multiple chemical sensitivities who want something that’s super-easy to use and maintain.”

A review on

“Airocide Air Purifiers are an impressive piece of technology in the filterless air purifiers world. Unlike most air purifiers it can actually pull in particles and destroy them instead of waiting to wait for the particles to come to it! … One of the things filterless air purifiers have been somewhat lacking on is room coverage. While it’s a fairly new technology and we should give it time to find its footing, some products, like the Airocide Air Purifier, have already found it. It comes at a cost, as it’s not entirely maintenance-free, but the required upkeep is minimal.”

A review on momdotcom

“Whatever NASA engineers are doing in their time off, they are definitely getting it right.  And I feel good knowing its actually clean air (my daughter) is breathing when she is sleeping, not just some filtered cover up or febreeze spray. As a mother there is nothing more important to me than what is going into my daughter’s body. There are so many things I can help regulate in her life to keep her healthy and prior to using Airocide I just had to accept that I had no control over the pollutants in my home.”

A testimonial from Sonny Singh of Byron Bay Pork on the Airocide website:

“Airocide caused the air in our facility to be fresh, crisp, and clean. Additionally, the technology help to keep the color and weights within our meats – which in turn means more profits and less shrink.”

A testimonial from Ivan Munoz of Cal Pacific Growers/Cal Flavor on the Airocide website:

“We purchased Airocide from you last year and it worked wonders for us this past season. We had such a great year and very much in part due to the addition of Airocide in our cooler – which kept the quality of the fruit stable and consistent. I’ve been telling everyone I do business with about the benefits of Airocide. We had high hopes but the performance of Airocide exceeded our expectations. It has been the best upgrade we’ve made to the facility in years. We used to walk into the cooler and be able to smell ethylene in varying degrees through the season. This season, we walked in to the cooler and the only thing you could smell was cardboard. The air was absolutely clean of all the ethylene naturally produced by our avocados.”

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