July 29, 2022

Appetizers That Won’t Spoil The Feast

Whether you’re hosting a Sunday evening braai or a dinner party, nobody wants their guests to fill up on appetizers before the main course is served, lest you end up with all the leftovers that you worked so hard on preparing. 

What exactly is it that makes us full? Scientifically speaking, foods rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats i.e.: omega-3 fatty acids, are what keep us full for longer. Protein is probably the most satiating macronutrient, and fibre takes a long time to pass through our systems, keeping us full for longer. So, if you don’t want your guests to stuff up on appetizers you should avoid foods high in these. 

Here are some ideas for appetizers that your guests will love, but won’t fill up on!

Veggie platters

A classic appetizer, good reason, just about anyone can whip this up! Just chuck some sliced-up vegetables on one of your more beautiful-looking platters and serve it up! If you’re feeling extra spicy maybe add some hummus, dill, or a homemade dip to the vegetable platter for some extra flavour. For the vegetable platter, you can add all the classics like carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers and celery sticks, all sliced up into bite sizes for your guests. Or just get some in-season local produce from your local grocery store! Vegetables won’t leave your guests feeling full due to them not being very calorie dense, and mainly made up of air and water, by the time they reach your stomach, there really isn’t much volume going into them. 

Chips and Salsa

Chips and salsa is another great and classic appetizer, and just a great snack overall. This is something that your guests won’t immediately fill up on as salsa is generally low in calories. If you’re using store-bought salsa, you can always just check the label to get an idea of how many calories are in it. 

Salsa is best served with plain corn chips, so you can really taste the salsa. Corn chips have less trans fats and less cholesterol than potato chips, making them the healthier option. Who even eats salsa with potato chips anyway? 

Zucchini Chips

Zucchini are not everybody’s cup of tea, but your guests might just turn their heads at this one. Having some crispy, thinly sliced, oven-baked zucchini is a great idea for a healthy, low-carb and keto-friendly appetizer. Zucchini, being low in fibre and 95% water, won’t fill you up and will stimulate your appetite just enough for the main course. A great way to prepare these is to thinly slice them, drizzle on some olive oil and your choice of seasoning or toppings and stick them in the oven at 175°C for fifteen to twenty minutes or until they are golden brown. 

So there you have it, three simple dishes that will stimulate your guests, and your, appetite enough to get you all pumped up and ready for the main course. Happy dining!