September 8, 2022

Applauding The SA Olive 2022 Awards & Winners

The SA Olive Awards were established to recognize the South African olive oil industry. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) produced only in the current season will be considered for entry into the competition. Entries must be made by South African producers who are registered with SA Olive and must be 100 percent South African. Individual producers or shops selling EVOO from South African producers as their house brands may enter the competition.

Ahead of the announcement of the 2022 SA Olive Awards winners, Chairman Richard Allen says the SA olive industry is maturing at an extremely fast rate.   “When you look back over just the last 18 years, the South African olive industry has grown at a rate of over 170% – and this is an industry that’s fraught with challenges and hindrances, making this even more remarkable.  Despite these barriers to success, the SA olive industry works together in compliance, transformation and in sharing a common goal to produce the highest quality product.  It is vitally important that each year we salute our members and the hard work they do to achieve such amazing results.”

Chairman of SA Olive  – Richard Allen

“Of course, it’s not just here that our local EVOO is recognised because South African Extra Virgin Olive Oils are winning a string of awards overseas every year as well.  The appreciation for our high quality EVOO increases year on year and this is evidenced by the fact that the SA Olive Awards are judged by an extremely experienced and discerning panel of international judges alongside our local expert judges.  It is a highly sophisticated judging process and one that is carried out diligently by globally recognised olive maestros.”

Olives matter

The challenges that face the olive industry are numerous but as Allen says: “They can be overcome in time if we work as a collective.” 

One of Allen’s main priorities as Chairman of SA Olive is to help introduce better technology into the industry through working with overseas counterparts to share their knowledge and experience.  Another is to bring SA EVOO in line with other vegetable oils in terms of reducing the applicable VAT and, in turn, to bring down the price of EVOO to consumers. “The SA Olive Awards help shine a light on the industry, and we can use this to good advantage to draw attention to the issues that affect olive producers”.

“We have come a long way in the last few years and South African EVOO consumers are genuinely lucky to have such excellent local products available.  Look out for the award winners in store!  They are simply the best that money can buy.”

All South African Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOOs) entered into the 2022 SA Olive Awards have been judged and the winners of medals in the Delicate, Medium and Intense style categories are:

Gold Delicate:

  • De Rustica                                      Estate Delicate
  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Rio Largo Olive Estate                    Rio Largo Gold (Gold)
  • The Greenleaf Olive Company    Food Lover’s Signature South African Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • The Greenleaf Olive Company    River Press Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Porterville                                        Andante Delicate

Gold Medium:

  • Chaloner                                            The Peregrine Limited Edition
  • Darling Olives                                    Darling Olives Estate Limited Blend EVOO
  • De Rustica                                          Collection: Coratina
  • De Rustica                                          Estate Medium
  • Die Klip Huis                                      Die Klip Huis
  • Galenia Estate                                   Galenia Estate – Mission
  • Het Vlock Casteel                             Het Vlock Casteel Favolosa
  • Mardouw                                            Mardouw Oil of the Olive Medium
  • Mardouw                                            Mardoux XXV Medium
  • Morgenster                                        Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Morgenster                                        Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oudewerfskloof Olive Farm         OWK – Picual
  • Porterville                                           Andante Intenso
  • Zoetigheyd Farms                            Zoetigheyd Premium Frantoio

Gold Intense:

  • Altevrede                                            Altevrede – Favolosa
  • Mardouw                                            Mardouw Oil of the Olive Favolosa
  • Mardouw                                            Mardouw XXV Intense
  • Oudewerfskloof Olive Farm         OWK – Favolosa
  • Porterville                                           Andante Forte

Silver Delicate:

  • Darling Olives                                    Darling Olives EVOO
  • Darling Olives                                    Darling Olives Fynbossie
  • Kleinbergskloof                                Kleinbergskloof Estate Blend
  • Lapithos Olive Growers                 Lapithos Olive Growers – Pure
  • Morgenster                                        Monte Marcello Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oldenburg Vineyards                     Oldenburg Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oudewerfskloof Olive Farm         Ouwerfskloof
  • Prince Albert Olives                         Prince Albert Olives

Silver Medium:

  • Altevrede                                            Altevrede – Frantoio
  • Babylonstoren                                  Babylonstoren EVOO Blend
  • De Hut Olive Farm                           Number Uno Frantoio-Coratina
  • De Rustica                                          Collection: Frantoio
  • Haaskraal Farm                                 Estate Premium
  • Kleinood                                             de Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • L’Ormarins                                          L’Ormarins Blend
  • Lamara Lamara                                 Olive Blend
  • Lettas Kraal                                        Lettas Kraal Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Karoo Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Namaqua Olives & Olive Oil         Namaqua Frantoio Tube Limited Release
  • Oakhurst Olives                                 Oakhurst Special Reserve
  • Olyfberg                                             Olyfberg 1L Blend
  • Pétra Olive                                          Pétra Olive Oil
  • Porterville                                           Andante Mezzo
  • Rio Largo Olive Estate                    Rio Largo (Black label)
  • The Greenleaf Olive Company    Greenleaf Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • The Greenleaf Olive Company    Spar Authentic South African Olive Oil
  • Tokara                                                Tokara Premiun
  • Wildekrans Wine Estate                 Field Blend
  • Zoetigheyd Farms                            Zoetigheyd Frantoio

Silver Intense:

  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Coratina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Mount Ceder                                     Mount Ceder Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oudewerfskloof Olive Farm         Olifantsbos
  • Rio Largo Olive Estate                    Rio Largo Premium (white)

Bronze Delicate:

  • Cederberg Olives                             Cederberg Olives
  • Chaloner                                          Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Galenia Estate                                   Manzanilla
  • Hillcrest Estate                                  Hillcrest Olive Oil
  • Kleinbergskloof                                 Kleinbergskloof Frantoio
  • L’Ormarins                                         Terra del Capo Blend
  • Mardouw                                           Mardouw Oil of the Olive Mission
  • Mont Rouge Olive Estate              Karoo Reserve
  • Oakhurst Olives                                 Oakhurst Premium Reserve
  • Olive Boutique                                  Olive Boutique Frantoio
  • Tokara                                                 Tokara Frantoio
  • Tokara                                                 Tokara Mission
  • Willow Creek Olive Estate             Mission Single Cultivar EVOO

Bronze Medium:

  • Anysbos Olywe                                 Anysbos Olywe
  • Babylonstoren                                  Babylonstoren EVOO Coratina
  • De Hut Olive Farm                           Numero Uno Frantoio
  • De Rustica                                       Collection: Arbequina
  • Galenia Estate                                  Directors Blend
  • Galenia Estate                                  Estate Blend
  • Het Vlock Casteel                            Het Vlock Casteel Vlok Blend
  • Lapithos Olive Growers                 Lapithos Olive Growers – Family Reserve
  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Don Carlo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Mardouw                                         Mardouw Oil of the Olive Frantoio
  • Morgenster                                     Woolworths Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Namaqua Olives & Olive Oil         Namaqua 2L bag in box
  • Namaqua Olives & Olive Oil         Namaqua Glass EVOO
  • Olijvenhof / Sanbasa                      Beasty B
  • Olijvenhof / Sanbasa                       Freaky F
  • Olive Boutique                                Olive Boutique Coratina-Frantoio
  • Olyfberg                                          Olyfberg Glass Blend
  • Olyfberg                                          Olyfberg Tin Blend
  • Parakore Olives                                Pai Parakore
  • Parakore Olives                                Parakore EVOO
  • Rio Largo Olive Estate                    Rio Largo (Bird label)
  • Rockhaven Farm                               Rockhaven Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Tokara                                               Pick n Pay Crafted Collection
  • Tokara                                               Tokara Multi-Varietal
  • Willow Creek Olive Estate             Estate Blend EVOO
  • Zoetigheyd Farms                            Zoetigheyd Farm Fresh

Bronze Intense:

  • Lions Creek Olive Estate                 Lions Creek Favolosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Oakhurst Olives                              Oakhurst Intense
  • Willow Creek Olive Estate             Frantoio Single Cultivar EVOO

Multiple Gold Medals:

  • De Rustica (3)
  • Mardouw (4)
  • Porterville (3)

Vittoria Jooste, CEO of the SA Olive Industry says, “We congratulate all the winners and thank all the participants, judges, organisers and sponsors – Alfa Laval, Amenduni, MORI-TEM and Pieralisi – for making this yet another successful awards ceremony, when we can salute and celebrate the quality and excellence of our locally produced EVOOs.”

CEO of SA Olive – Vittoria Jooste

As Olympian sprinter, SA Olive Ambassador and MC Geraldine Pillay-Viret said, “Winning a medal regardless of its colour, or where in your career you are, and no matter how old you are … that very recognition is wonderful in itself but also it is a tangible reward for all the dedication and all the sacrifices that were needed to get you to that moment of complete joy and pride.   And the additional joy is that you can share and celebrate the success with others.  You simply can’t put a price on that.”

The 17th annual SA Olive Awards took place at an exclusive luncheon at the picturesque Laborie Wine Estate in Paarl on Thursday, 8th of September 2022. Judged by an expert panel of international and local judges, the main objective of the SA Olive Awards is to give official recognition to the country’s EVOO producers’ outstanding commitment and continual pursuit of excellence, in spite of the challenges faced during the year.

The highest-scoring gold medal winners from the SA Olive Awards are entered into a further round of judging and the top EVOOs selected for the prestigious Absa Top 10 Olive Oil Awards, which will take place on the 7th of October 2022 at a venue to be announced.