May 7, 2019

At The Forefront of Coffee Machine Technology

Victor and Claudia Feliciano share their expertise.

Having been involved in the coffee industry for over 31 years, Victor and Claudia Feliciano, the owners of Liquid International, have noticed that from humble beginnings of importing spare parts for coffee machines, today the industry has grown exponentially.

“We started importing spare parts when the industry was merely at the beginning phase of what would become a mega movement in this country. In our expert opinion, due to the diversified cosmopolitan influx of tastes into South Africa, who have brought great knowledge and understanding of the different aromas and flavours of coffee, the demand for quality coffee and coffee machines has come to the forefront.”

We now understand the different aromas and flavours and are able to describe the overall and combined sensation of a coffee’s distinctive aromatic and taste characteristics, from the fusion of the body to acidity aroma, sweetness and aftertaste.

The emerging market has seen a boom in coffee consumption, with various international coffee brands being represented and the demand for first-grade coffee beans, coffee machines, coffee grinders and spare parts for the equipment growing exponentially. Sadly, with this demand, inferior products flood the market and often leaving manufacturers and suppliers with copyright infringement, they explain.

“Local roasters are also jumping on the bandwagon and roasting imported coffee beans locally. A small criticism is that some of the local roasters are using 2nd and 3rd-grade coffee beans, and we feel our population deserve better. So become a snob and demand top quality!

“South Africa has become a hub for national and international conferences, sports events, music festivals, exhibitions and trade shows happening every weekend. With these events comes the demand for caffeine, preferably freshly brewed. We have pop-up mobile bars that cater for these occasions and we can meet any demand.”

Addicted or not, any person walking into a shop, restaurant or bar can immediately smell the aromas of freshly-brewed coffee. The desire kicks in as the brain automatically make the taste buds work, and
our tongue starts to salivate.

So, whether you are in need of caffeine to give you energy and keep you on the go or you just enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, keep drinking, and Liquid International will keep supplying to the coffee industry’s demands.

The desire kicks in as the brain automatically make the taste buds work, and our tongue starts to salivate.

Article first published in Issue 10 of SA Chef Magazine.