October 15, 2019

Birkenstock: Keeping Luke Dale Roberts On His Toes

Luke and Team

Founder and creative genius behind the award-winning The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, Luke Dale Roberts has partnered with the iconic global footwear brand, Birkenstock.

Established in 1774 in Germany, Birkenstock is a world-renowned brand that is celebrated for its ground-breaking footwear.

Having been awarded 44th in the World and 1st in Africa at the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, The Test Kitchen upholds a high standard and privilege to not only brush shoulders with some of the greatest chefs in the world but to also have served the biggest international celebrities such as musician Ed Sheeran and actress Emma Watson, from the Harry Potter movie franchise. When asked what the secret to success is, Luke replies “Team spirit. The team is the key and the foundation at The Test Kitchen”.

Birkenstock recently sat down with the chef giant, to find out how wearing Birkenstock keeps him and his team on their toes, serving only the finest of food:

Birkenstock is all about family and you are known to be a great family man – is this a natural brand fit for you? Most definitely. I haven’t worn Birkenstock out of the kitchen for a few years but I believe it’s a great family brand

How important is the right shoe in the kitchen? Does it matter in your opinion? Definitely! You spend a lot of hours on your feet when you work in the kitchen and you need to have a shoe that breathes and offers you proper support.

What were your thoughts on the latest Boston by Birkenstock? I love the Boston Clogs! I think they’re brilliant! I particularly like the sole. Everyone looks super smart – like soldiers in a kitchen.

As a family brand, does The Test Kitchen have any fun rituals? I think the main one is when you work in the kitchen and call out orders, the rest have to respond to indicate that they have heard it. In The Test Kitchen, the guys give this arbitrary moaning sound like “whoo-hoo”.

The Boston Clog retails at R 1 999 and is available in all Birkenstock stores and outlets, as well as online. For more information on Birkenstock, visit here or follow their journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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