July 23, 2021

Bounty Foods: Your Trustworthy Supplier in Uncertain Times

South Africa has experienced pandemic mayhem, political troubles, and even a spate of looting, destruction and vandalism in the last few weeks. But despite the challenges, we pick ourselves up and move forward – and who better to do this with than a trustworthy supplier, says Johann Krause, Managing Director of the Foods Division at Bounty Brands.

One thing we know in these uncertain and trying times is that South Africa is extremely resilient when faced with unprecedented challenges. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” We need to lean on each other for support to get through the tough times, he explains, and having the right people by your side – whether it be a partner, a trusted friend or a reliable distributor – makes all the difference.

Choosing Reliability and Quality

When a chef or restaurant owner chooses their suppliers and distributors, it’s important to consider more than the budget or timeous delivery to your establishment. More often than not, a chef is willing to go the extra mile for quality and great, dependable service.

Products need to be shipped on time, every time, without reminders or errors in the orders. This helps chefs plan their day-to-day operations efficiently. In addition, strict health and safety standards need to be adhered to, and suppliers need to be available for communication at any time in case of an emergency resupply or if something goes wrong.

You can depend on the team at Bounty Foods and the Liberty Select range to reliably deliver top quality products at great value, too. In order to do so, Bounty Foods provide the smaller foodservice distributors access to a wide range of top quality ambient food products, without having to purchase full truckloads. And with their own fleet of over 14 vehicles and trucks, Bounty Foods ensure prompt and efficient service delivery. As a chef, your kitchen stock is secure and ready to be resupplied in a jiffy with the dependable structure that the Liberty Select range has with Bounty Foods.

600 Established Distributors with over 850 Products

Bounty Brands, which is the holding company of Liberty Foods, have over 600 established distributors. They are the second-largest ambient grocery supplier to the foodservice industry. They also supply an extensive range of local and international products to the food manufacturing industry.

With 19 years of experience and counting, Bounty Foods has earned its stripes as one of South Africa’s most trusted foodservice suppliers. Their range of products across several brands consists of over 850 items that are distributed under the Liberty Foods banner out of their three main food-safety accredited facilities across the country. 

These include products from brands like Liberty Select, which provides a wide range of canned fruit and vegetables as well as an array of baking goods; Chef Professional, which recently launched a convenient non-stick spray; Serena, known for its authentic Italian pasta, high quality canned tomatoes, couscous, olive oil and more; as well as Wellingtons, Valigrano and many others.

Visit libertyfoods.co.za for more information.

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