June 27, 2023


Chef Donovan and the Olympic Lifestyle Community have partnered with Advantage Frost Foundation to create the Food For Thought Live Show Series in Cape Town. The series, which was developed over a 25-year period, aims to bring youth and seniors closer together by discussing current South African issues and the after-effects of COVID, resulting in a high rate of youth unemployment. 

The event features celebrity guests from various backgrounds who interact and share their life experiences and knowledge with the youth. Topics such as mental health, gender-based violence, lack of women in leadership, small business failure, and crime that have a direct influence on unemployment post-COVID are discussed. During the event, retired seniors with specialised backgrounds support the episodes.

The highlight of the event is a live cooking demonstration with Chef Donovan assisted by the celebrity guest which was professional mountain biker, Mariske Strauss. The demonstration not only showcases the culinary skills of the chef and celebrity but also assists with what the celebrity is talking about. The event breaks down barriers for youth and professionals by using food as a common denominator.

Chef Donovan’s years of experience in the culinary industry are brought to the forefront, as he shares his expertise with the celebrity guest to create a dish. The interaction between the youth and seniors is wonderful to witness, and the event is a journey of uplifting and supporting both demographics.

Food is a catalyst for creating events, and the Food For Thought Live Show Series is no exception. By using food as part of the event, the series is able to connect people from all walks of life and break down barriers.

The Food For Thought Live Show Series is a planned initiative that uses food to bring people together and create a platform for discussion on current South African issues. The series, created by Chef Donovan and his years of experience, is breaking down barriers and providing hope and direction to potential career paths for aspiring young students and kids.

Watch The Food For Thought Live Show Series here