February 26, 2019

Capsicum Lecturer Wins With Nola Competition

Chef Eoin Shiell Wins R10 000 In Create Summer Flavour With Nola Competition.

Chef Eoin Shiell, Capsicum School of Cookery Pretoria Lecturer, has won the first Create Summer Flavour with Nola competition, walking away with R10 000 and the top spot.

The competition tasked chefs with creating a summer-inspired recipe that used one of the three Nola variants – Ultra Creamy, Original or Reduced Oil Salad Dressing. Chef Eoin used all three variants to create a sophisticated take on a Chicken Cobb Salad, that would work beautifully as a starter or as part of a tasting menu.

Chef Eoin stated that he was “extremely proud and happy!”  when asked how he felt being the first winner of the competition. “I know there were excellent chefs with excellent dishes across the country who entered, so I am very grateful that my dish won.”

After seeing what the challenge entailed his first thought was a salad. He then decided to take a classic salad dish and put a modern twist on it for his Chicken Cobb Salad dish. “I used the Nola Reduced Oil Salad Dressing to roast my chicken to ensure it stayed moist and give it a rich flavour. It also served as the dressing for the shredded chicken, and then I again used it as a main component in my tomato gel. Nola Original formed the base of my feta mousse, ensuring a creamy, smooth mousse, and then I used the Nola Ultra Creamy in the cheese crisp, which added crunch to my dish.”

The Nola team was blown away by Chef Eoin’s recipe!