August 17, 2020

Celebrating Dr Billy Gallagher’s Birthday

Each year, the SA Chefs Association celebrates Dr Billy Gallagher’s life and contribution to the culinary industry with a special feast. This year, however, things will be different, says Thomas Overbeck, SA Chefs General Manager.

Today, 17 August, marks the birthday of the renowned culinary master, Dr Billy Gallagher. Each year, SA Chefs celebrates his life and contribution to the local sector through Bill’s Feast to raise money for the Bill Gallagher Foundation, says Thomas Overbeck.

“Unfortunately due to COVID-19, this cannot happen this year,” he explains, “however SA Chefs would like to wish Chef, Industry Mentor, Global Icon and Humanitarian Dr Billy Gallagher a Big Happy Birthday.

“We continue to remember the wonderful experiences during your precious life on earth. These memories will never fade away. Forever in our hearts.”

In the immortal words of Billy, “Keep it Cooking!”