has developed products which maximize our customers’ profitability by enabling far greater levels of engagement at the point of purchase. Our innovative Cloud based solutions unleash the power of aggregated big data, whilst still being affordable and easy to use. caters for clients in the hospitality and retail industries. The speed and accuracy of the product lends itself to be the perfect fit for fast-paced businesses such as restaurants, spaza shops and merchandise stores.’s solutions, however, do provide various features tailor-made for any industry.

Our hero products offered are TallOrder POS and PageMan DSS. These solutions are conceived, designed and developed with specific industry knowledge and expertise in mind. This is the foundation uses to meet specific business needs with greater power, speed, cost-effectiveness and ease of use – all underpinned with a top-class range of ongoing maintenance and support offerings.

TallOrder POS is used to grow our clients’ businesses with an easy-to-use and affordable Point of Sale Software Solution. TallOrder POS focuses on speed and accuracy. Speed drives faster service, which opens up doors to upselling and allowing for additional items to be added to the customer’s bill or cart. Speedy service means that our clients’ customers are not left waiting. Accuracy means that TallOrder POS is an innovative POS that prides itself in being easy-to-use and leaves little room for making mistakes when placing orders. Correct orders lead to happy, returning customers and a business that works on profit, not loss.

Strategically, through TallOrder POS, provides clients with the opportunity to partner with us and offer our Point of Sale Software Solution as a part of their own business package. Partners are supported with pre- and post-sales opportunities, preferential pricing, partner promotion and other co-marketing initiatives. Partners have access to information, resources, product development info and a product sharing platform that can be used to build a strong product offering; which tailors clients’ businesses to be unique. Partners can offer their customers an affordable Point of Sale Software Solution for their business.

PageMan’s cloud-based, Digital Signage Solution makes it easy for clients to upload, manage, schedule and distribute content to their customers via digital displays. Customers’ content is uploaded to the Cloud and then distributed to their devices according to the specified Schedules, where it is stored and played locally. It removes the need for continuous streaming.

Cloud-based digital signage allows data to be easily stored and accessed from anywhere immediately and without complications, making it the ideal storage choice for those who are working with an abundance of content. PageMan is also ideal for displaying content on multiple screens and at different times and in various locations through using cloud-based digital signage. prides itself to, as a company, provide our customers and partners with locally-developed, innovative Cloud solutions and top of the range support., re-inventing POS!


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