HTA School of Culinary Art


HTA School of Culinary Art, an Internationally Accredited Chef School established in 1996 and run under the leadership of Stephen Billingham, former President of the South African Chefs Association, is one of South Africa’s leading Chef schools, conveniently situated in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs and offers a number of internationally accredited programmes that will equip budding Chefs with the skills to build a career in the challenging and globally competitive world of cuisine.

HTA was established to provide Culinary students, from school leavers to corporates, with a fundamental grounding in all disciplines relating to the production of top-quality cuisine and the ability to manage a kitchen. This award-winning school offers unparalleled opportunities to acquire both theoretical knowledge and carefully monitored practical training in their state-of-the-art facilities.

HTA School of Culinary Art is one of four Progressive Chef Training divisions of HTA group of Companies, the other three divisions of HTA predominantly focus on Chef Training Programmes for employed persons currently working in the Hospitality industry. These Programmes are offered to Up-Skill and Certify hundreds of Cooks, Chefs and Caterers each year across all levels and Sectors in the Industry. This valuable side of our business, working with and having industry Chefs is a reservoir of knowledge and experience, which is passed on to all full-time students through our Programmes.

HTA School of Culinary Art is committed to providing training that remains at the forefront of global culinary trends. With established relationships with top hotels, restaurants and catering companies in Gauteng, students have the opportunity for practical application of their theoretical knowledge and ensuring that practical elements of the course are completed with reputable Chefs in a carefully structured, planned and moderated way.
Each student also receives membership to the South African Chefs Association, to further enhance the students’ professional approach. This allows each student access to regional and national competitions, food festivals, chef conferences and networking opportunities with professionals in the industry.

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