Sparta Angus

Beef in a class of its own

A family of beef

A collaboration between the Woodview-Angus family – well known for their expertise in Angus breeding – and the Sparta-Van Reenen family – world-class beef producers with a proud heritage of more than 50 years – brings you beef in a class of its own.

No Growth Promoters or added hormones

Our Sparta Angus beef is grown in the heart of South Africa, an area renowned for its abundant clean air and pristine environment. Calves are received from breeder farmers at a young age and we have full control over their well-being throughout their stay with us. Our Sparta Angus cattle are pasture raised and grain finished.

  • A state-of-the-art EID (electronic identification) system facilitates full traceability from breeder farmer right up to nal packaged product
  • No growth promoters are administered to our Sparta Angus cattle
  • No added hormones are administered to our Sparta Angus cattle.

Hand-selected beef

Our Sparta Angus beef is hand-selected for its marbling and conformation attributes, ensuring that every bite is full of the distinct favour you would expect to form an exclusive Angus beef programme.