The Soweto Spice Company

The Soweto Spice Company is a South African condiment manufacturer of an assortment of sauces and relishes, including the Soweto Original Hot Sauce, Soweto Hot Sauce – Chilli Lime Hot Sauce, Soweto Hot Sauce – Smokey Garlic, and Chunkalaka Sosi, designed to elevate culinary experiences and make a lasting impression.

Since their establishment in 2016, The Soweto Spice Company team has invested countless hours into refining their recipes and diligently sourcing the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers. The company takes pride in their pursuit to honour authentic African flavours in each of their products, making it a well-loved condiment range for locals and tourists alike.

Meticulously crafted using only the finest hand-picked bird’s eye chillies, a fusion of green jalapeño peppers, sweet red capsicum, and their secret blend of spices, their range offers a symphony of flavours that culminate in an unrivalled taste sensation.

With multiple Aurora International Taste Challenge awards under their belt, the company proudly showcases the quality of their products. The Soweto Spice Company has cultivated a loyal customer base, particularly among the Millennials and Gen-Z markets due to their health-conscious ingredients, adventurous flavours and affordable prices.

Due to industry recognition and the resounding demand for their products, Soweto Hot Sauce has replaced more expensive imported hot sauces in many of Johannesburg’s most esteemed restaurants and chains. The versatility, harmonious flavour profiles, and accessible pricing of our range have propelled its widespread adoption.

The company’s strength lies in its versatility. With unwavering dedication, their primary objective has been to create a range of condiments that harmoniously complement existing flavours. Consequently, their range of hot sauce can be seamlessly paired with culinary masterpieces, comfort food, breakfasts, salads, cocktails and even desserts!

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