June 2, 2020

ChefDirect App Introduces POS, Delivery and Collections

Cape Town, South Africa, 04 June 2020 – Designed as an app that serves the culinary industry, ChefDirect has reimagined its business-to-business platform to assist restaurants in reaching more customers. With nearly 7 000 chefs, F&B businesses and suppliers already active on ChefDirect, it comes as no surprise ChefDirect is forging ahead to connect with the public.

“We are proud to announce that ChefDirect will now be integrating a business to consumer platform on the app,” says ChefDirect Co-Owner Raymond Wynne. “We want to create communication between restaurateurs and consumers, to help facilitate the industry during these trying times of COVID-19. We are all aware that restaurateurs have been hit the hardest by the national lockdown, and are likely to be one of the last industries to reopen completely. Until then, we want to facilitate them in making ends meet – and what better way to do this than through a platform they are already familiar with?!”

Get Your Business Online with ChefDirect

ChefDirect has seen the difficulties that the restaurant and foodservice industry has experienced since the national lockdown began in March and we immediately began to brainstorm ways to make a real difference.

Now, as a solidarity initiative, ChefDirect App offers an answer to all your direct marketing, direct ordering and direct payment woes. This is the perfect online solution to growing your business in these rapidly evolving, social distancing challenges.

ChefDirect App truly is a one-stop-shop, creating the best possible customer experience with several ways in which to help you manage and grow your online orders. ChefDirect is offering this complete package for a flat rate of R695 per month, no commission charged. Should you already have an existing online shop, then you can simply link up with the app for R95 per month to further grow your client base. We believe this is by far the cheapest and most user-friendly digital platform for both the customer and restaurateur.

This deal is valid for the remainder of 2020, so take advantage of this offer now! This is our contribution to helping the restaurant industry stay open during the pandemic. A perfect alternative to Uber Eats, Mr Delivery and other commission-based platforms.

Introducing Eat at Home and Collect Eats

ChefDirect has created a direct database of all food suppliers that now easily connects restaurants and consumers through advanced geolocation technology. This means that you’ll be able to order your favourite eats through the new categories on the app: Eat at Home and Collect Eats. This will allow restaurateurs, farmers markets, and other food and beverage suppliers to create a seamless delivery service where they can market their products and specials, connect with the consumer, and grow their offerings and buyer base. This is an exclusively new product offering from ChefDirect and will set foodservice professionals back by a mere R95 per month, or R695pm for a full online point-of-sale solution.

“We want to help the industry overcome social distancing challenges and we are doing this by giving industry players a simple tech solution,” Wynne adds. In addition to having a presence on the app, ChefDirect also offers set up services and can assist companies in getting their Order Now buttons and online ordering services going.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

In addition to combatting lockdown ordering blues, ChefDirect is designed specifically to encourage users to grow local, supply local and buy local. Through the app’s geolocation technology, Eat at Home allows the consumer to search and discover the nearest to furthest restaurants of choice and have them deliver orders to their homes.

This is a great opportunity for local restauranteurs, suppliers, neighbourhood markets and food distributors to be recognised and capitalise on the support they get from their current customer base. But it is also an opportunity for them to extend their customer base.

Collect Eats allows customers to make their orders, have them prepared, and then collect orders themselves once they are ready. This makes for an easy and cost-effective transaction. Larger distribution companies are extremely costly and ordering food through these platforms can cost restaurant owners up to 30% of the menu list price.

What are you waiting for?

Let ChefDirect become the new normal for our restaurant and food suppliers.

Download the app for FREE today on Android and iOS, and become part of one of the largest communities of sustainable food industry suppliers and buyers in South Africa. Let’s keep our restaurants alive and our chefs employed – and let’s keep the good times and the good food rolling.

ChefDirect. Grow local, supply local, buy local.

My kitchen, my community, our world.

This press release was issued by SA Chef Media on behalf of ChefDirect. For more information or interview requests, please contact Lance Gibbons on 082 822 8829 / lance@filmeventmedia.co.za

To get help setting up your restaurant, please contact Raymond Wynne on 072 632 2595 / raymondwynne@gmail.com.

About ChefDirect

Chef Direct is an app custom-made for chefs, restaurateurs and other professionals in the hospitality industry. It is free for all consumers and is designed to make procurement easier and more convenient, with easy navigation and quick response options. Chefs and restaurateurs can build a profile, network, interact and create a preferred community of peers. ChefDirect is also an app designed with sustainability in mind. Its geolocation technology allows users to source the latest products, exclusive deals, fresh produce, kitchen supplies, and more – closest to them.

Connect with the foodie community today. Download ChefDirect on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Follow ChefDirect on Facebook or Instagram @ChefDirectSA. More info here: www.sachefmedia.co.za/chefdirect-your-new-best-friend.

Grow local, supply local, buy local. My kitchen, my community, our world.

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