April 30, 2019


A game-changing native app that enables food and hospitality-product suppliers to connect with a local and regional network of buyers. Now available to download.



My Foodie Community:

The food and hospitality industry is one based on trusted relationships between buyers and sellers. Chefs and Food & Beverage Managers need to know that the products they source are fresh, local, and from suppliers that have sustainability as a core value.

The ChefDirect app is a conduit between food and hospitality stakeholders – procurement made easy. It is a place where you can purpose build your own direct supply base for your kitchens.

Responsible cheffing takes on a whole new look with this app. It is the answer to greening issues: grow local, supply local, buy local. It is designed with geo-location for this exact purpose, meaning you can source products from within a pre-defined proximity to your kitchen.

You can create your own network withChefDirect, whether you’re a farmer, a produce supplier, or a service. The app takes you directly to your target market, offering your client a seamless service directly to the source.

A Chef’s Best Friend:

As a Chef, you’ll never have to search online for another ingredient or hospitality product, because this app has everything you need at your fingertips. Not only can you follow your favourite supplier and create a community of preferences, but you can also endorse products and services on the app to assist chefs in further afield communities. Creating a valued supplier network has never been easier.

Follow your favourite suppliers, endorse products and services – assisting in quality control in an organic manner – and even share trade secrets, updates on new products, launches, new recipes, food events and so much more. And, thanks to its links to social media, you’ll be able to share any of your experiences with your peers immediately. Tech takes the cake, quite literally, and to your doorstep, when using ChefDirect.

ChefDirect is user-friendly andvisually-focused. Sellerscan load images, descriptions and contact details as easily as if posting to Instagram. They will reach intended client bases with immediate effect, a business breakthrough for the industry. Buyers can then find produce by searching product names, categories, or simply scrolling the array of items on offer.

Revolutionise your kitchen withChefDirect.

Who can access the app?

Any registered Chef with the SA Chef Association can access the web portal, but anyone can download the app and see news posts and specials offered by local suppliers. Larger corporate suppliers can also make offers to this localised network of buyers.

What kind of products are on the ChefDirect App?

Anything and everything local relating to the food catering industry. Users can search multiple keywords to find products further away, and even follow specific suppliers for immediate updates on price sensitive products or rare produce.

Product Categories:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Equipment
  • Apparel
  • Services

Why advertise on ChefDirect?

Advertisers can target specific products to a specific audience. Cutting-edge geo-location technology allows buyers to see which products are in their immediate vicinity, contact the supplier directly or even order a product from your existing sales platforms.