July 12, 2019

Chefs Breaking the Weed Stigma with Cannabis Cuisine

A race to make the best cannabis cuisine.

With the legalization of marijuana becoming more and more popular across the country, there is a race to make a splash in the weed-based product industry.

The pairing of weed and food has come a long way.  It’s gone from stoners mixing THC oil into brownies for to top tier chefs masterfully incorporating bud into quality dishes for unique dining experiences.

While the history of the legalization of marijuana is clouded with racist overtones and unfair treatment to marginalized groups, several of the chefs successfully using weed-based recipes are people of colour.

Here are some of our favourite chefs who have elevated the game of cannabis cuisine.

1. Andrea Drummer

Chef Drummer is a Los Angeles-based chef who has been a leader in the field of weed-infused cuisine for years. After establishing herself as a premier chef in L.A., she was introduced to cannabis butter.

Drummer asserts that the infusion of pot in her recipes has made her a better, more precise chef. She is known for using different strains in different dishes but can be found using Blue Dream in more than a few recipes.


2. Scott Durrah

Scott Durrah has been a legend in the cannabis scene for quite some time now. Along with his wife, he opened the first black-owned dispensary in the country. Since then he has been a leader in developing healthy, consistent, and safe cannabis cuisine.

If that’s not enough, he recently announced plans to run for Denver’s city council. This man can do it all.

3. Miguel Trinidad

This New York City-based chef is known for his company, 99th Floor, which hosts extravagant invite-only parties that feature high-end dishes infused with specifically selected cannabis strains. Good luck getting an invite though – these parties are reserved for big dogs only.

We’re just hoping that weed gets legalized for recreational use in New York soon so he can bring these meals to the masses.

4. Megon Dee-Cave

Originally from Maryland and now based in Oregon, Megon Dee-Cave is a chef and activist educating people on the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

After struggling with securing her place in the industry due to her own legal background, Dee-Cave has established herself as one of the best fresh faces in the world of cannabis foods.

Her company, Oracle Infused Wellness Co. offers organic and vegan edibles for consumers.


5. Unika Noiel

Seattle based chef Unika Noiel was raised in a family of chefs and restaurateurs and has roots in soul food. Noiel’s company, Luvn Kitchn, made a splash after hosting a series of fellowship meals, which featured cannabis-infused dishes.

Unfortunately, the city of Seattle wasn’t so hip to the idea of the dinners and forced Noiel to obtain a city cannabis license, which is not yet something that exists for chefs. We’re sure Luvn Kitchn will continue to find ways to offer creative and delicious cannabis-infused treats to consumers.

Watch: Stoner Soul Food


6. Matt Stockard

Matthew Stockard a.k.a. Chef Matt is an LA-based private chef who specializes in high-end cannabis cuisine. Having catered for government officials, serving as a private chef for athletes and celebrities, Chef Matt has established himself as one of the premier cannabis chefs in Los Angeles and in the country.

In addition to his private chef services, Stockard offers classes for cannabis-based recipes and cocktails, wedding catering, and even event appearances.


7. Gwenelle Parks

Parks, along with her husband, Will, have been offering cannabis cooking classes to residents of their Baltimore community for about two years.

The couple, who are unable to legally sell cannabis foods under Maryland law, found a way to provide people with the necessary knowledge to safely and expertly make their own cannabis-infused foods at home.

Source: Kulture Hub

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