April 28, 2022

Choose Pastrex Croissants this Mother’s Day

No one can resist the smell of fresh croissants in the morning, Pastrex croissant premium puff pastry fat will help you achieve the perfect croissant in time for the Mother’s Day breakfast rush.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, breakfast spoils plans are underway, which is the perfect time to win over your patrons with perfectly crispy, shiny and tasty croissants.  

PASTREX CROISSANT is a specialized premium quality, all vegetable, puff pastry fat with a unique bake through butter flavor, it offers the best quality available and ensures you get reliably delicious results every time… results your customers can taste!

Here is why we recommend PASTREX CROISSANT:

  • Pastrex croissant is odour free and creamy in texture at working temperature.  
  • The unique formulation provides an excellent melt-in-the-mouth feel in cold eaten foods. 
  • It has been primarily developed for use by smaller bakeries using manual laminations
  • It is clean label with no additives

Did you know?

Puff pastry is a layered, steam raised product consisting of many thin layers of dough, each are separated by an equally thin layer of pastry fat.  When baked the dough layers become crisp and are separated by relatively large air spaces caused by evaporation of water and melting of the pastry fat layer.

SHHHHHH: The secret to making good pastry is the pastry chef’s hands and a good pastry fat.

PASTREX CROISSANT is available in 25kg Packs of 5 x 5kg slabs, sliced 4 x 1.25kg

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