August 7, 2019


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“Hosted by Savannah Fine Chemicals & Barry Callebaut, partners in the South African cocoa industry, the first-ever Cocoa Knowledge Workshop proved to be a sweet experience to all who attended. “Chané Breche reports

Since the start of their partnership in 2017, Savannah Fine Chemicals and Barry Callebaut have had fruitful outcomes in expanding their footprint in the local cocoa industry. Being the exclusive distributors of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass from the Bensdorp and Barry Callebaut range, Savannah targets various industries which could be seen in the recent Cocoa Knowledge Workshop. Held on the 14th & 15th of May at the Chocolate Academy, the event proved to be a very successful workshop where guests were taken back in time to where cocoa was discovered to how cocoa beans are processed today to obtain the three key ingredients known as cocoa butter, cocoa mass and cocoa powder. Relevant topics like sugar reduction and natural claims, as well as single origins and hedonistic trends were discussed. The importance of sustainable cocoa sourcing and the complexity of the international cocoa market were also explained in an easy manner. In order to get guests inspired, both days were accompanied by an afternoon hands-on sensory session where the versatility of cocoa was demonstrated by Carien Schoeman, Technical Specialist of Savannah and Minette Smith, Head of Chocolate Academy SA.   Barry Callebaut’s recently launched natural dark cocoa powder was in the spotlight as well as the heat-stable Croquoa and defatted cocoa powder with the first day’s Bakery & Cereals theme. Day two proved to be as exciting as the first as guests were shown how to use cocoa in dairy products, milk-based drinks and indulgent confectionery applications. Savannah included various unique and functional ingredients from their leading principals to showcase a complete offering for sugar reduction and gluten-free alternatives.

This workshop was aimed at promoting cocoa to large as well as smaller companies in the hopes of achieving love for cocoa, no matter the industry.

To find out more about future workshops including high-quality ingredients for the Food & Beverage industry, please visit Savannah’s website at contact their Head Office at 011 856 4500.

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