August 30, 2018

Craft Coffee Connoisseurs

Craft or artisanal coffee has garnered loyal followers professionally and at home. Susan Reynard reports.

Consumers are increasingly obsessed with their preferred brand of coffee. The artisanal or craft movement has grown rapidly in the coffee category as a result. Micro-roasters abound, with each new brand, outlet and café specialising in a niche product and roastery and garnering loyal customers. Some have gone on to mainstream supermarket shelves, offering alternatives to the big name brands. While the major coffee suppliers offering local and international coffee brands service their high-volume beverage clientele satisfactorily, some consumers take great delight in knowing their coffee and travelling to buy a particular blend or brand.

From a couple of decades ago when gourmet coffee was virtually unknown in South Africa and a cappuccino usually came with whipped cream as standard, coffee connoisseurs are big business and prepared to pay for their bean and roastery of choice.

The Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa (SCASA) has done a lot to promote gourmet and speciality coffees as well as latte art and barista training. It organises competitions regionally, nationally and internationally in which baristas can demonstrate their personal flair in the global world of coffee. Its members are coffee industry players from all sectors as it aims to promote the consumption of quality coffee as well as recognition of employees in this industry.

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