September 20, 2021

Crispa Gold: Premium Sunflower Oil

Great meals all start with a great oil, says Sime Darby Oils.

First, the King of Cooking Oils

Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Oil is synonymous with quality, long fry life and overall great taste end product. That is why it has been trusted by chefs for decades. They use carefully selected seeds to ensure customers’ experience is optimal.

Then Comes Your Touch

Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Oil gives you the peace of mind that you want as chef. A reliable, quality oil that will help bring the shine you want to recipes you have spent time and dedication on to perfect.

For All of It To Come Together

So you can rest assured that your patrons have a great experience to keep coming back for more!

Find out more about Crispa Gold Premium Sunflower Oil and other Sime Darby Oils here.

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