April 5, 2022

Crispa Gold: the best oil for Commercial Kitchens

Whether it’s a restaurant, event caterer, selling magwinya every morning or a bakery, Crispa Gold Sunflower Oil is an essential culinary oil perfect for all your cooking, baking and frying needs! 

Do you know that cooking oil management is important for the efficiency of your kitchen? 

The first step is to have a regularly scheduled delivery or purchase to ensure you always have fresh cooking oil. You can find Crispa Gold Sunflower Cooking at most wholesalers and distributors in 20 L and L packaging.

The cooking oil needs to be kept indoors in a cool dry place and not on the floor to avoid spills which may lead to slip hazards or attract insects.

The quality of the cooking oil affects the quality and taste of the food and that’s why Crispa Gold is the best choice.

Here’s why:

  • Approved by the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Crispa Gold is not only good for making vitamin-rich savory dishes, it’s good for your heart too.
  • Crispa Gold contains anti- foam agent and antioxidant? This means it offers you the greatest stability at high frying temperatures and prevents excessive foaming while frying.
  • Crispa Gold is used by professional chefs all around the world due to its unmatched quality.

Choose Crispa Gold for your kitchen for the best yield!