May 3, 2019

Espresso: Famous Worldwide

Good Espresso is good chemistry, it is not only a roasting method, nor just a bean or a blend, but also the method of preparation – Espresso happens at a molecular level.

Liquid International imported the first Fiamma branded espresso machines, the ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Marina’, back in 2013 while the brand was originally established in 1977 in Europe.

For lovers of espresso!

A short history: the invention of the first coffee machine “Macchina” (pronounced makina), was in the 19th Century by Angelo Moriando of Turin, Italy, when granted a patent in 1884 for the “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of [a] coffee beverage” and was purely a bulk brewer created for the Turin General Exposition. Even though it was the first coffee machine invented to use both water and steam, sadly the world never saw any “Moriando Macchina”. However, since then innumerable patents and prototypes from Moriando’s invention and method, later lead to the development of “espresso”.

With the continuous demand for precision and consistency, finding the perfect balance between grind, temperature and pressure has become imperative. Thus, in 2015 Fiamma launched their upgraded modern versions of espresso machines and Liquid International, accordingly, imported the first ‘Pacific Multi-Boiler and Compass Dual-Boiler for the South African market.

Through constant evolutionary innovations and new technology, Fiamma products are not slack in this sector’s demand, lead to the launch of the new ‘Compass Multiboiler’ in 2017. Once again, Liquid International ran with it! The new ‘Compass Multiboiler’ gives the barista full control over all features with a performance that never disappoints.

The multiple boiler units, with triple or quadruple boilers in the 2- and 3-group units respectively, each have one large powerful steam boiler which can be set at higher temperatures for dryer steam production that will not leave you waiting. Couple this with a water compensator valve, to adjust the temperature of tea water dispensed, so as not to burn speciality teas being served.

Then there are individual boilers for each of the groups as well as bullet elements in the group heads to allow the barista the freedom to “at a touch” tinker with all temperature parameters and find the extraction ‘sweet spot’ that matches the characteristics of their particular blend/roast of beans. The result being the most perfect espresso you could have imagined. What more could you ask for?

Well, for any hard at work barista, the heat insulated Cool Touch steam wands, LED downlights and Tall Cup capabilities (15-18cm clearance) are some of the added benefits.

Then with today’s business owner being more energy conscious, the Multi- and Dual-boiler units are packed with energy-efficient features that tone down the power consumption in lag times, switch on/off the unit at predetermined times before opening and at closing, and the availability of a synchronised power management feature which can be enabled to accommodate even single-phase users.

It’s clear the Fiamma range is here to stay, and rightfully so!

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