November 1, 2023

François Ferreira Academy Celebrates Top Achievements

“Knowing your purpose in life and being able to live it everyday as a serving leader is distinguishing the lives and work of qualified chefs from people who are working tirelessly in any other career that does not offer job satisfaction.”

This was the message of the CEO of the UXi Artisan Development group CEO, Elsie Harmse at the first Achievement Ceremony of the Best of George tertiary training institute, the François Ferreira Academy (FFA) for chef training last Thursday.

In addition to achievement certificates presented to students to celebrate their progress several awards have been bestowed upon individual students in recognition of their achievements at the prestigious François Ferreira Academy in George which has been opened by the late Chef François. The new home of FFA on Airport Road has been occupied on 29 September last year.

Jhonalyn Marques Pretorius received the award for the Best Performing Student of 2021. Zoe Baker has been acknowledged as the Best Performing Student for June 2022. A Certificate of Dedication has been awarded to Lynette Visser.

Looking towards the continued success in the of training future chefs, FFA campus manager Catherine Eybers and her team introduced several floating trophies.

The winners of these prestigious annual awards in 2023 are:

· Mandene Klopper: Gastao de Nobrega floating trophy for the Best Cooking Student.

· Asanda Nombevu: Floating trophy for the Best Student in Baking.

· Emile Bezuidenhout: Craig Milne floating trophy Best Student Chef of the Year.

· Minette van der Westhuizen: Anne Hadley floating trophy for Academic Excellence

In another highlight Skye Lourens received her full qualification as a newly qualified Commis Chef from Chef Catherine and Harmse.

The keynote speaker Cllr Dirk Wessels from the George Municipal Council saluted the certificate and award recipients on behalf of the executive mayor Cllr Leon van Wyk.

Wessels acknowledged the students for successfully “catching the relevant puzzle pieces of your lives over the past years to ultimately complete this section of your puzzle. Take note, it remains only a section of your puzzle and the complete artwork will depend on what pieces you are able to catch as your professional careers begins.”

He described the FFA Achievement Ceremony as “an intersection of opportunity, value, and growth.”

“Your family and support system represent your opportunity,” he told the students. “François Ferreira, Elsie Harmse, your facilitators and the FFA team have added value to your lives that money cannot buy. The pioneering approach of FFA to excellence will be nurtured by your students throughout their careers. And, tonight, our students represent growth, as you will be building your own puzzle to create your ultimate masterpiece,” Wessels said.

The ceremony was especially scheduled to coincide with October, the month that celebrates International Chef Day and the Power of the White Jacket, as a celebration established by Dr Bill Gallagher in 2004, said Chef Catherine Eybers.