June 23, 2022

From Humble Beginnings to The World’s No.1 Dairy Company

Parmalat is now Lactalis SA: The No.1 Global Dairy Company
with 85 years of Heritage

On 19 October 1933 in Laval, France, Andre Besnier collected 34L of milk and made his first 17 Camemberts. Over the following decades the range increased with the products acquiring an excellent reputation and winning multiple awards. Today Lactalis is a 3rd generation family business with 85 years of heritage. It is also the No.1 dairy company and cheese manufacturer in the world, with 250 production sites in 94 countries.

A proud history in South Africa

Since 1998 Parmalat SA has been an important player in the dairy market, with much loved
brands, like Melrose, Bonnita, Steri Stumpie, Aylesbury, Pure Joy, Galbani and Parmalat. Today they hold market leading positions in cheese, milk and yoghurt. Their distribution footprint is national, taking their well-established products around the country and helping more South Africans to enjoy the taste and goodness of dairy.

When the best in dairy come together

Now it’s time for the next chapter. In joining Lactalis, Parmalat joins the No.1 dairy group in the world – giving them access to global investment and expertise. At the same time the popular brand joins a family led business with 85 years of heritage and a passionate commitment to making quality dairy products. This means all that really changes is the name on the door. Lactalis SA will continue to be the home of much loved brands – Parmalat, Melrose, Steri Stumpie, Aylesbury, Bonnita, Président, and Galbani with this tradition of passion and innovation, Parmalat will continue their mission to bring the goodness of dairy to all South Africans.
Lactalis South Africa’s Food Services division, Parmalat Professional, offers a range of services and products to the food services industry. Chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants, canteens and airlines all benefit from these services. Parmalat Professional offers the food industry a range of the best-tasting products of the highest quality to meet all and best-tasting products of the highest quality to meet all catering needs.

Who is the Lactalis Group?

The Lactalis Group is the worldwide leader in the dairy industry and the number one cheese manufacturer in the world. Home of South Africa’s most iconic brands, playing in all dairy categories in the food service industry and retail.

PARMALAT – Better Everyday

For the last 30 years, Parmalat has provided South African’s with their daily dairy needs, across Cheese, Yoghurt, Functional Milks and an extensive range of Cream, Butter, Custard, & Beverages. Each product delivering that smooth, creamy taste consumers choose everyday.

PRÉSIDENT – The Cheese Expert

Président are as passionate about making consistently outstanding cheeses to the traditional recipe today, as when they produced their first Camembert all those years ago. Master cheese makers have
produced cheeses that have won medals in prestigious Cheese Awards across the globe, setting a standard that they continue to live up to.

GALBANI – Italy’s leading cheese brand

Currently, Galbani is selling more than 400 products in approximately 120 countries (including South Africa), expanding into new markets with new products rapidly.

EASYGEST – Easy to digest

The Easygest range of dairy products are all lactose-free, allowing everyone to enjoy all things dairy, without the discomfort. From light and airy milk, creamy cheeses to silky smooth yoghurts and custards. Easygest is the prefect choice for lactose-free dairy goodness.

BONNITA – The people’s brand

Since 1926, Bonnita has been a pillar in local communities, providing generations of past, present and future with a range of long life milk, cheese, butter and fruit beverages for uncompromising dairy goodness.

For more information, visit: www.lactalis.co.za