June 1, 2021

Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces are Convenient, Delicious, and Hygienic

We all need to rethink the way we serve food, including Unilever Food Solutions. That’s why they’re so excited to share with you – from the world’s #1 mayonnaise brand* – Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces!

Hygienically portioned, single-use and available in 3 delicious flavours – Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces will complement your meals and are perfect for takeaway and delivery. They are:

  • Ready to serve – no decanting required.
  • Hygienically sealed with tamper-proof assurance.
  • Easy to peel open.
  • Takeaway ready and spill-proof in delivery.
  • Heat stable for delivery and takeaway.
  • Fully recyclable plastic.
  • Vegan
  • Halaal

Hygienically serve your diners and customers without compromising on taste. Whether in your deli, on the table in your restaurant, with your deliveries or for your hotel guests, there is always a reason to add Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces to your offering. Here are a few ideas…

On Your Table:

Diners are back in our establishments for a sit-down experience. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t concerned about hygiene. Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces offer the perfect amount of sauce and are hygienically sealed with tamper-proof assurance. This helps maintain the hygiene level as there is no need to decant or frequently wipe down sauce bottles and containers.

With Your Deliveries:

Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces are perfect for takeaway and deliveries; your customers can enjoy the sauces they love, one delicious, safe dip at a time. You can also upsell by having these sauces as an add-on without decanting.

For Your Guests:

They’re the perfect solution to include in your room service offering or with your on-the-go meals. These sauces also benefit your staff, as they won’t need to continually clean sauce bottles or decant the sauces.

In Your Deli:

Your meals are ready to serve, now your sauces can be too! Why not upsell by serving combo meals, such as chicken pieces, chips and a dipping sauce?

Ready to try Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces? Get inspired and add new dishes to your menu with a little inspiration from UFS.com.

*Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged Foods 2020 edition, retail value sales, umbrella brand name classification (includes all Hellmann’s and Best Foods brand sales) 2019 data.

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