May 18, 2020

I-Cook Channel: A Culinary Experience Delivered to Your Door

Designed to help support and assist the culinary industry during this trying global lockdown, I-Cook Channel brings partners and sponsors together to create employment for chefs through how-to episodes linked to unique meal boxes delivered to your home.

  • I-Cook Channel is designed to help support and assist the culinary industry during this trying global lockdown by creating employment for chefs.
  • Cook signature dishes and engage with celebrity chefs through live-streamed episodes on I-Cook Channel.
  • Supported by the SA Chefs Association as a way of keeping the culinary industry buoyant.

Cape Town, South Africa, 18 May 2020 – Do you miss the excitement of a fine-dining experience? The electrifying flavours, the exquisite cuisine and the fabulous company? No more. I-Cook Channel has heard your palate’s cry for help! But more than that, we have seen the dire circumstances of the restaurant and culinary community at large, and we want to make a difference by empowering chefs and allowing them to do what they do best: creating their favourite culinary masterpieces.

Ready, Set, Cook!

I-Cook Channel is an entertaining, live-streamed channel that allows you to cook along with and engage with a celebrity chef in real-time during each episode. It is a commercial venture that satisfies the world’s cravings for fresh foodie content while offering a means of employment to chefs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior to each episode, participants will receive a Daily Dish meal box with pre-portioned ingredients.  Each 40-minute episode will be hosted by a celebrity chef, and curated by an interactive presenter who will engage the chef and viewers as they navigate each recipe together.

Each episode is organised by Team Orange Events, a company that has found an innovative solution to the dilemma of hosting events in the face of COVID-19. I-Cook Channel is produced in partnership with SA Chef Media and its sister company Film & Event Media, with MILK+SUGAR on film production, and Daily Dish as their meal box partner. Through these collaborative efforts, I-Cook Channel promises to be a much-needed reprieve from the humdrum monotony of home-cooked meals during the lockdown.

“As a Corporate Events Management Company, we have had to re-think and re-create our offering into the age of virtual events. Cooking is a great way to bring people together, and so the idea of an interactive online cooking event was born,” explains Barbara Elshove-Schmidt, Owner of Team Orange Events. “We are very excited to have partnered with SA Chef Media with this initiative of solidarity to help support the food industry – which is key to all our events.”

“I-Cook Channel is a brilliant concept that really brings the interest back to the kitchen,” adds Geir Tellefsen, Director of Daily Dish. “Daily Dish is about bringing the family together, eating healthy food and discovering new tastes. This combination aims to achieve all of this with the excitement of cooking with famous chefs!”

In Support and Solidarity with Chefs

Although an exciting experience for participants, at its core, I-Cook Channel hopes to create employment to assist chefs during this difficult economic time.

Lance Gibbons, Publishing Editor at Film & Event Media and SA Chef Media explains: “We have no idea how long the national lockdown will continue, but we do know that once it lifts, the restaurant industry will not simply return to ‘normal’. There will be strict social distancing measures put in place and people will be cautious about eating out. Even before that happens, we are likely to see many businesses close as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With I-Cook Channel, we wanted to create a way for chefs to earn some cash through digital content creation, share their passion for food with a rapt audience, and empower them so that there is at least some light at the end of the tunnel.”

The South African Chefs Association has already endorsed this exciting new venture, with President James Khoza saying, “We, SA Chefs, support this solidarity initiative in the hopes that we can continue to keep some of our restaurateurs and chefs employed during the lockdown period. We find it a worthwhile initiative and hope that many people will benefit through this. We encourage all our suppliers and members to support this initiative so that we can, in this small way, keep our industry buoyant.”

Get Involved and Support our Chefs

As patrons of the culinary arts, restaurant-goers are invited to support their fellow restaurateurs, chefs and the many others in the food industry wherever possible during this time.

“Many chefs across South Africa are feeding our less-fortunate communities from their own pockets, while many more are jobless,” says Lance. “I-Cook Channel hopes to create an income stream for the chefs featured on each show, with each Daily Dish meal box bought ensuring that our chefs have a means of survival beyond the lockdown.”

As the world adjusts to a new way of operating, there is no guarantee that the restaurant industry will ever be the same again. In fact, all projections point to the exact opposite. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to try something different. So why not reinvent your usual night out with I-Cook Channel? Gather your family, close friends, book club or even your colleagues and enjoy some great company, interactions with a top chef, and dig into an exquisite culinary dish you’ve made yourself!

James Lennox, MD of MILK+SUGAR, sums it up beautifully: “We’re social storytellers, creating bespoke video content in the digital space and have been live streaming since 2017. This is exactly the kind of content MILK+SUGAR loves to create and I-Cook Channel has raised the bar with this concept. This is the ‘next normal’ of ‘global’ entertainment and we’re happy to be part of it!”

Join the Launch Day Live Stream

I-Cook Channel will have its official launch at the beginning of June with the bubbly personality of Chef Pete Goffe-Wood presenting the first episode and entertaining viewers. Joining him in the kitchen (via live stream, of course) is Chef Franck Dangereux of The Foodbarn Restaurant in Noordhoek, Western Cape. Franck will take us through an easy-to-make recipe for his signature dish of Seared Ribeye Tagliata. Stay tuned to our YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter platforms on @icookchannel and follow the hashtag #ICookChannel for updates. Go to our website on for more details. Visit to book your signature dish recipe meal box.

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About I-Cook Channel

I-Cook Channel brings some of South Africa’s finest chefs to the small screen in a bid to support and stand in solidarity with the many who have, and continue to, experience hardship during the COVID-19 lockdown. I-Cook Channel is a live cook-along session hosted by top South African chefs, allowing viewers to cook together with a chef in real-time. Participants will have the opportunity to order the raw ingredients pre-portioned in a meal box and delivered to their home prior to the live stream. I-Cook Channel is presented and produced by Team Orange Events in partnership with SA Chef Media and Daily Dish. For further information, please contact

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