August 28, 2018

Illovo Syrups – spreading Golden Sweetness across South Africa!

As the festive season draws closer, Illovo has set out to spread more joy by bringing Illovo Golden Sweetness into kitchens across the country.


South Africans love to celebrate special occasions with friends and family, and chefs are passionate about making these special moments even better. As the festive season draws closer, Illovo has set out to spread more joy by bringing Illovo Golden Sweetness into kitchens across the country with their range of syrups.

This festive season, Illovo is on a mission to show South Africans who are passionate about cooking great food that Illovo syrups are a versatile gem in their pantries. With 4 delicious flavours – traditional, golden, maple and caramel – Illovo’s new-look range gives chefs the ability to make every dish extra delicious and every occasion extra special.

Illovo syrups can go far beyond a spread for toast and waffles – whether squeezed over flapjacks, added to baked goods and desserts for golden sweetness or mixed into marinades to deliver a round, sweet tang that’ll take any braai or shisa nyama to the next level, with Illovo syrups the possibilities are endless!

To share this inspiration, Illovo, in association with the South African Chefs Association (SACA), has been hosting a series of Culinary Masterclasses for community caterers to show them the delicious opportunities that exist in every bottle of Illovo syrup. In the Masterclass, SACA’s team of chefs shared their culinary experience and encouraged the caterers to experiment with sweet and savoury recipes using Illovo syrup at their events this festive season.


These Masterclasses are just one of the ways that Illovo is spreading Golden Sweetness across South Africa this festive season. Store sampling, competitions and mall activations will also raise consumer awareness in a fun and engaging way.

That’s not all. Illovo is also setting you a creative challenge! With our diverse and rich South African food heritage, we have a unique opportunity to craft authentic dishes which draw on different culinary styles and cultures. We call this real South African fusion.

The challenge is to experiment with ingredients and flavours (using Illovo syrup to bring it all together) to create an original dish that celebrates something uniquely South African. There’s just one catch – each recipe needs to be affordable and easy to make so the everyday South African can cook it in their own home!


If you think you’re up for the challenge then submit your innovative South African fusion recipe and a photo of the dish to and if your recipe is top drawer you could WIN 1 of 10 Illovo hampers, your recipe and story in a recipe booklet and a whole lot of social media fame!

So embrace every special moment this festive season. Bring great value, taste and versatility into the kitchen with Illovo’s new-look range of syrups and discover how adding a little Golden Sweetness can make every dish extra delicious.

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