April 23, 2019

Jan Comes Home

Born and raised as a farm boy, Jan always knew that one day he would return to the open skies of the beautiful South African bush.

Recently, Jan has entered into a global partnership with the Oppenheimer family. They share a passion and vision for South African cuisine, culture and arts. Together, they have created something amazing. They have started an incredible project that aims to celebrate the culinary territory of the Kalahari.

This new venture goes by the name: Klein Jan. it is located in one of South Africa’s leading private game reserves – Tswalu Kalahari. An untamed, untouched, unspoiled refuge that celebrates the simple, authentic splendours of this magical region.

Driven by their values of local authenticity, heritage, and sustainability of the environment, Klein Jan will become the region’s culinary epicentre; a place where the Kalahari’s unique ingredients will be translated into world-class cuisine.

In addition, Jan is opening a new development kitchen in Cape Town where a team of chefs and students will continually develop and innovate South African cuisine.

The team at Jan Innovation Studio will share their findings with their colleagues at Michelin-star restaurant Jan in Nice, France, which will remain one of the premier gateways for sharing South African cuisine with the world.

Jan Innovation Studio will also be home to Jan the Journal, Jan’s biannual food and lifestyle publication in which he and his team share their ideas, passion and curiosity about the culinary world.

Source: Janhendrik.com