May 8, 2020

Jan the Conversation Journal is now live

Shortly before we went into lockdown, which now seems to have become the new normal in whatever shape or form, I started talking to people who inspire me — friends, colleagues, public figures — from different walks of life.

It just seemed to me that the news had suddenly become oversaturated with the same old regurgitated facts we’d heard time and time again. And looking back over those first six weeks, not much has changed.

The Conversation Journal is a brand new avenue for my team and me that addresses something very personal to all of us. It opens up the conversation about how we do things and what matters now in our new reality.

Each and every person that has contributed to this special Lockdown Edition of the Journal was someone I felt was worth listening to, as they had brought me inspiration in a time when I needed it most. Every person has responded in their own way to give true expression to their thoughts.

Jan the Conversation Journal is a digital magazine available exclusively on the Jan app that reflects on these interesting times by asking 25 people, from different walks of life, each a question. Their responses have resulted in a beautiful and thought-provoking Journal that is sure to inspire!

By downloading Jan the Conversation Journal at a minimal cost of R29.99, your contribution will go to the EatOut Restaurant Relief Fund, which supports all those South African restaurants who have opened their kitchens to help feed the needy.