July 11, 2023

Join the nationwide movement to cook #67000litres this Mandela Day

Three years of #67000litres for Mandela Day

Chefs with Compassion calls upon the hearts and hands of all South Africans this Mandela Day, to create a monumental wave of compassion and nourishment. Since the life-changing year of 2020, Mandela Day has become a beacon of unity and care, manifesting in the largest annual food preparation collaboration by chefs, home cooks, hotels, restaurants, culinary schools, corporates and community caterers – the #67000litres for Mandela Day Challenge.

“This initiative stands as a testament to our shared humanity, bringing together home cooks, caring corporates, and community caterers to combat the twin demons of food waste and hunger. An astonishing 970 844 meals have been created and donated in Madiba’s honour since the inception of the #67000litres Challenge,” says Chef James Khoza, Chairman of Chefs with Compassion and President of SA Chefs Association.

Chefs with Compassion is appealing to the passion, generosity and culinary skill within every South African home cook. The challenge? Chef Coo Pillay, National Project Co-Ordinator of Chefs with Compassion explains, “We’re challenging everyone everywhere to prepare a wholesome 10 litres of soup within 67 minutes (or more if you’d prefer) any time over the weekend of Mandela Day from Saturday 15th to Tuesday the 18th, and donate it to a beneficiary of your choice. It’s a chance to touch lives across the nation on Mandela Day. Registration is via Quicket with a participation fee of R67.”

“We are also inviting Corporates to ‘Back A Kitchen’ with a donation of R6,70 per litre, contributing to this ocean of soup and compassion. You’ll receive a Section 18A certificate and a unique opportunity for your team (up to 10 people) to cook with professional chefs for 67 minutes. To ‘Back a Kitchen’, please contact us on info@cwc.org.za.”

The target of serving over 67 000 litres of nourishing soup means that more than 260 000 people across South Africa will receive a warm meal on Mandela Day in a tangible example of shared humanity and compassion.

Chef James continues, “By joining the #67000litres challenge, you are voicing a powerful message – that the food wasted at every stage of the food chain could, and should, be transformed into meals for every hungry South African. This Mandela Day, let’s unite to demonstrate how compassion and collective action can change lives and touch hearts.”

Donations made by corporates and the public for the #67000litres Challenge will enable Chefs with Compassion to continue their mission to Rescue | Cook | Feed, transforming potential food waste into wholesome meals, not just on Mandela Day, but every day. To date, Chefs with Compassion has rescued over 1,54 million kilograms of food from ending up in landfill and served over 5,26 million meals. 

Register on Quicket, pick up your spoons and pots, and pour love into every stir as you prepare a delicious, nutritious soup for those who need it the most. Join the #67000litres Challenge this Mandela Day, and let’s prove that, together, we can fill every bowl with hope and nourishment.

For more information, go to www.cwc.org.za, email info@cwc.org.za or register as a home cook on Quicket https://qkt.io/67000litres