September 10, 2019

Just Cuban – Chévere!”

The distinctive, distinguished style of life which has made Cuba an enduring symbol of carefree living is now accessible at Hatfield’s Just Cuban.

This upmarket venue created to ignite experiences evokes old-school luxury and pace of life – a social space as exotic as Havana itself.Patrons can enjoy great food styled by consulting chef Absalom Kotsokoane (Chef Absa), as well as a broad palette of whiskeys and luxury refreshments, while live entertainment provides the backdrop for new friendships and partnerships.

Interior architect Louis Oosthuysen has designed a space that becomes an experience for visitors, with impressive marble décor and comfortable fittings which set Just Cuban apart as a fresh and distinctive venue which will make an instant impression.

Located at 129 Duxbury Road Hatfield Tshwane, Just Cuban offers the highest standards in food, drinks, entertainment and the chance to relax and unwind in a warm social setting. Owner Daisy Letwaba says this is the closest you can get to sitting back and watching people go by on Havana’s famous seafront boulevard, the Malecón.

“This unique venue combines the artistic flair, sultry music and passion of Cuban culture. Combined with contemporary high-quality dining, drinks and entertainment, we believe we will be igniting experiences for people from around Gauteng,” she says.

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