April 7, 2022

La Mont: Hi-tech dairy farming in the land of the rolling hills 

La Mont, a private dairy farm, is situated on the rolling hills at the foot of the spectacular Langeberg mountains between the towns of Ashton and Swellendam. This region, which is renowned for producing some of the finest dairy products in the country, has a microclimate ideally suited for dairy farming. The steady milk supply ensures the production of the finest quality cheese.

The La Mont Cheese Factory on the farm is equipped with some of the most advanced technology which enables La Mont to produce a unique range of excellent products. An individual approach and limited production ensure that there’s enough time to make the best effort to produce cheese with the highest quality. 

La Mont won 1st places this year for their Ashton Soft Cheese and Smooth and Creamy Feta.

La Mont Cheese – Ashton Soft Cheese

Our Ashton Soft Cheese is a specialty product developed by Eckard Leicher. The concept originated to make a butter that is spreadable without alternative fat additives. Ashton Soft Cheese is a delicate, light, creamy cream cheese with a taste similar to butter. It is a pure product without any preservatives and is very versatile. It is generally used as a spread on bread or biscuits but mixed with icing sugar and cinnamon, it makes a perfect topping on carrot cakes. This cheese has only 28% fat in it and so it is delicious and healthy to be able to enjoy in dishes from breakfast to dinner.

The Smooth & Creamy Feta is a Danish-style feta. It is produced by ultrafiltration. The water in the milk is removed without the milk losing all its proteins and nutrients. It is a very tasty, creamy feta that is delicious in salads as well as on pizzas. It is also a specialty product without any preservatives.

Then we are very proud of our “estate” cheeses, Royal Ashton and Heidi’s Bergkäse.

Royal Ashton is based on the European Emmenthaler but with much more flavour and depth. We focus on the taste profile which has a buttery, creamy taste, nutty and slightly sweet. It’s also the cheese that received the first award for the campaign Woolworths launched to challenge the cheesemakers’ innovations, the Woolworths Cheese Makers Challenge

Our latest pride is Heidi’s Bergkäse, a 12-month-old hard cheese. It has a nice sharp, drier texture and nutty taste. Our favourite way to enjoy it is when the cheese is cut into thin slices and served with dark chocolate.

For more information, visit La Mont www.lamont.co.za