November 22, 2018

LANCEWOOD® Spills its Saucy New Secret

Sauce Delight™ – the latest innovation from LANCEWOOD® – is offering South Africans three tasty and convenient ways to enhance their family’s meals.

The newly launched dairy-based sauces come in three mouth-watering flavours – Mushroom, Cheese and Pepper – and are all made with real cream and real ingredients. They’re so fresh, they can only be found in the supermarket fridge.

For the latest in culinary convenience, simply heat the sauce in the microwave for two minutes and pour to take your meals from average, to extraordinary. Best of all, each sauce is packaged in a 250ml re-sealable, microwavable cup.

For more than two decades, LANCEWOOD® has been producing award-winning cheese and dairy products that have earned an excellent reputation for superior quality and flavour. Now, the number one cream cheese brand in South Africa* is bringing out a delicious, creamy new range that makes South Africans lives that much easier (and tastier)!

For more information on this innovative offering visit LANCEWOOD®’s website.