March 23, 2020

Latest Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19 From The Health Ministry

On 23 March 2020, it was announced that South Africa now has 402 confirmed cases of COVID-19. This means there has been an increase of 128 from yesterday’s, 22 March 2020 announcement.

It is notable that the Northern Cape has its first confirmed cases.
As has been announced, His Excellency, President MC Ramaphosa will address the nation on measures to be undertaken to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

“We will thereafter engage the public to give further details and explanations on the results including the significant rise, the ongoing testing processes, each province’s progress on contact tracing efforts.
It will be noted in the provincial and age graphs below that there are areas that are listed as unknown.” said Dr Zwelini Mkhize Minister of Health

This is information that the NICD is still collating and verifying. Thereafter the graphs will be updated accordingly. Our priority is for Provinces to be alerted of the new confirmed cases so that immediate contact can be made with these new patients and ensure that contact tracing starts.