June 10, 2024

Le Calabash Internship Program – Applications Now Open for 2025 intake!

The South African Chefs Association are thrilled to announce that applications for the Le Calabash Internship Program are now open until 25 June 2024, for the 2025 intake. This prestigious program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring chefs to enhance their culinary skills and gain invaluable experience under the guidance of industry veterans, Sidney and Alison Bond.

Criteria for Selection:

๐Ÿ“Œ Background:
Candidates must come from disadvantaged or middle-income households, representing the diverse races and cultures of South Africa. This ensures transformation and inclusivity in the culinary industry.

Candidates must be currently employed with a confirmed employment position upon return. A letter from the employer will be required for successful visa applications.

๐Ÿ“ŒPassion for the Industry:
Candidates must demonstrate a genuine passion for the culinary industry.

Candidates must be members of The South African Chefs Association.

Candidates must be in good health.

๐Ÿ“ŒLegal Standing:
Candidates must have no criminal records.

๐Ÿ“ŒPersonal Habits:
Candidates must have sober habits.

Candidates must be older than 18 years of age.

The Le Calabash internship program stands as a beacon of opportunity, offering participants a chance to expand their culinary horizons and refine their craft under the tutelage of industry veterans. Sidney and Alison Bond’s dedication to nurturing talent is not just commendable but transformative, providing young chefs with the hope, growth, and development needed to thrive in a competitive industry.

Through this program, dreams become attainable realities, and aspirations evolve into tangible skills that shape the culinary landscape both locally and internationally. The South African Chefs Association plays a crucial role in the selection process, ensuring that candidates meet the program’s base requirement of membership. Selected interns will spend 10 weeks refining their skills at the renowned Le Calabash culinary school, nestled in the picturesque Loire Valley, France.

Donโ€™t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your culinary career!

Application Deadline: 25 June 2024

To submit your application, please follow this link: https://forms.gle/KS7wievLzyLfvB1n8

For more information on this once in a life time opportunity in France, please visitย https://www.lecalabash.fr/