November 15, 2018

List of Local Fish Species to be Assessed by WWF-SA SASSI

WWF-SASSI has recently compiled a list of the local species that WWF-SASSI intends to assess this year (2018/2019).

These species have been highlighted as priority species to be updated or included on the WWF-SASSI list and consumer tools. Per the following WWF-SASSI Assessment Protocol, interested and affected parties are hereby notified of WWF-SASSI’s intent to assess these species this year.

Interested parties are invited to submit any documents or other comments relevant to the WWF-SA SASSI assessment of the local species listed below via email at on or before 29 November 2018. WWF-SA will provide a further public opportunity to comment on the WWF-SASSI assessments once drafts have been completed.

WWF-SA recommends that any comments be substantiated by appropriate scientific documents, such as government scientific working group documents or peer-reviewed journal papers. For further information, please read the attached assessment protocol and visit the WWF-SASSI website.