May 31, 2022

Make your frying oil go a long way

Looking for ways to make your cooking oil last longer while still working best to produce high Quality food? Here are some tips from the king of cooking oils, Crispa Gold!

Keep your fryer clean.

  • Rinse well after cleaning
  • Remove all traces of soap or detergent
  • Oil lasts longer in a clean fryer

Use the correct volume.

  • Do not overfill the basket
  • 6 Parts oil to 1 part food
  • Top up regularly

Check the temperature 

  • Temperature is IMPORTANT
  • Too COLD=high oil absorption
  • Too HOT=burnt oil
  • Too HOT or COLD = poor quality

Skim and drain off excess oil

  • Burnt “bits” destroy oil and result in poor quality
  • Shake the basket well after frying to save excess oil

Filter oil regularly

  • Filter after every shift or as often as you can
  • Clean oil lasts longer
  • Clean oil = healthy profits

Fry at the correct temperature:

Potato Chips         Blanch                               
Potato Crisps         175°C
Onions 180°C
Fritters 180°C
Doughnuts 190°C
Fish battered & breaded 170°C
Prawns 175°C
Chicken                Large                               
Cutlets 170°C
Choux Pastry180°C

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