April 23, 2021

Master the Craft of Baking with Mastercraft Margarines

Everybody knows that it takes creativity, years of diligence and patience to master the craft of baking. 

In the world of pastry chefs, the learning never really ends and any seasoned pâtissier chef will tell you that picking quality ingredients is one of the key first steps to being successful in this profession.

The Mastercraft brand of premium margarine has been a trusted quality baking partner for years, helping crafters rise to each occasion with mouthwatering creations.  Sime Darby Oils South Africa produces three Mastercraft margarine variants: Mastercraft Yellow Multi-Purpose, Mastercraft White Creaming and Mastercraft White Multi-Purpose margarines.

Mastercraft Yellow Multi-Purpose Margarine provides baked products with a smooth mouthfeel and with no fatty palate cling.  From biscuits to tarts, choux pastry, scones or shortbreads, Mastercraft Yellow Multi-Purpose Margarine will give you that melt in your mouth bake through butter flavour.  

Known for whipping up to almost double its volume our premium Master White Creaming Margarine is our undisputed star performer for producing superior buttercream icing with good stability.  It has a creamy texture at working temperature, perfect for cream fillings, pound cakes and other aerated products.

Mastercraft White Multi-Purpose Margarine is our all-round, multi-talented product with many hats. From baking to creaming, cake decorating, frying, grilling, basting and sauce making, it is no wonder it is found in every serious pastry chef’s pantry.

Our Mastercraft margarine range provides the finest results across a wide range of baking applications because we understand the craft of baking.

Find out more and order your Mastercraft products today on www.simedarbyoils.co.za.