November 3, 2021

Musgrave launches new alcohol-free INSPIRIT

Musgrave Crafted Spirits launched INSPIRIT, an aromatic, alcohol-free infusion, at their new concept store in Cape Town.

Musgrave Pink was the first pink gin in South Africa, and it was the inspiration for INSPIRIT, which has a distinct flavour and retains the pink colour. INSPIRIT has a harmonic and aromatic finish, thanks to cardamom and juniper notes that match African ginger, lime, and grains of paradise.

“INSPIRIT is all about finding the balance. The pandemic has certainly highlighted the relationship many people have with alcohol and as a result has ignited a move to reduce one’s daily intake, says Simone Musgrave, owner and founder of Musgrave Crafted Spirits.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on calories or stick to a fitness routine, consuming less alcohol during these times can really help to maintain a balanced lifestyle. It then makes those days when you do enjoy a Musgrave Original Gin or Pink Gin cocktail, that more special,” says Simone.

The Musgrave Concept Store in located in We Are EGG in Cavendish Square, Cape Town. We Are EGG has been described as a “beautifully curated, next-generation shopping experience.”

“Musgrave Pink has always embraced fashion through various types of collaborations, which allowed for the construction of the Concept Store at We Are EGG. As a result, the creation of INSPIRIT provided a perfect opportunity to combine these two worlds when Ari and Paul Simon opened their doors at We Are EGG for the brand. The opportunity to further explore the fashion side of the branch was too good to miss.”

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