August 22, 2021

NDS Chefs Academy: It’s Hard but Satisfying Work

Former students of the NDS Chefs Academy, all of whom have since graduated and been gainfully employed, share what it’s like to learn to be a chef.

NDS Chefs Academy’s qualified lecturers with extensive experience and knowledge offer in-depth and practical experience to make learning fun and relevant for their students. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in hospitality and tourism, this might be the perfect place for you as it bridges the gap between the grade 12 school leaver and the first-year level of tertiary education. It’s also a great place for enhancing your kitchen skills and specialising in subjects, as well as for small companies to provide training for learnerships and internships. Some of their top students share their experience and advice for young chefs in the making…

Jacobus Sutton, one of NDS Chefs Academy’s star third-year students, says that although his experience has been hectic, it has been wonderful. “I would not change these three years for anything else. My confidence has grown. In the beginning, I was very shy but I’ve learned to work with other people, even those I don’t know – strangers.”

Another top third-year student, Pontsho Mogoiwa, adds that she has learned so much while studying here, from food management and kitchen management to people management – and even the skill of feeding people visually. “My knowledge about food has changed tremendously,” she says.

Both Jacob and Pontsho offer some wise words for future potential students: “Make sure this is your passion before you start,” says Jacob, while Pontsho advises that students come prepared and ready to take on the challenge. “You will enjoy the work much more when you really love what you’re doing. Being in the kitchen is like a lifetime of horror but if you love it you will enjoy every moment of it!” she laughs.

Third-year pastry student Paul van Wyk says that in the three years he has been at NDS, he has learned how to be patient. It’s long hours and long work, but he loves what he does. “Follow your dreams, don’t let anything hold you back.”

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