January 12, 2021

New Mezepoli Cocktail Menu Evokes the Spirit of the Mediterranean

Mezepoli Restaurants, well known for their delicious food and excellent service, are ringing in the festive season with a lively and enticing new cocktail menu. Now more than ever the open, airy and spacious environment at Mezepoli will surely make this one of the top choices for those staying in Jozi and looking for the perfect place to unwind and celebrate.

Mun Manal, Operations Manager at Mezepoli Restaurants, says the team has worked with one of the country’s most trusted mixologists to create a truly beautiful range of new cocktails evoking the spirit of the Mediterranean. “We are excited to share this fresh cocktail experience with our diners, all of whom deserve some time off to relax and enjoy something a little special at the end of what was a challenging year,” he says. 

What can you look forward to on the new cocktail menu? The sunny notes of the Ocean Mist, made with Caperitif, Tanqueray, Cointreau, lemon juice and Absinthe Aroma, will take you to pebble beaches and late sunsets.

If lighter flavours are your preference, awaken the senses with the Aegean Breeze, a mix of Blue Curaçao, Tanqueray, elderflower, lime juice and fresh mint. Those with an adventurous spirit will enjoy the Gin Sour – a delightfully whimsical combination of Tanqueray, cucumber, honey, basil, Greek yoghurt and lemon juice.

“We are receiving wonderful compliments on these new cocktails but those who enjoy more classic options will find some good old favourites on the menu too, such as the Colossal Olive Martini, which we make with Ketel One Vodka, Dry Vermouth and colossal olives,” explains Manal. “Whatever our diners’ choice, a beautifully made cocktail followed by a selection of delicious meze with family and friends is hard to beat when it comes to dining out.”

While the new cocktails are specially designed to complement the sit-down Mediterranean meze experience for which Mezepoli is famous, Manal says the team wishes to share the festive season with all their customers, near and far.

“Many of our diners will be away at the coast or in the countryside over the holiday period. We’d love to share with anyone who is unable to visit us in person a special cocktail recipe from our menu. We have chosen the Negroni Sbagliato, a particularly celebratory drink of Campari, sweet vermouth and bubbles in the form of Prosecco. We raise a glass to all our customers and thank them for the incredible support they’ve given us this year. We wish them all a joyful festive season and a safe return for those heading out of town,” concludes Manal. 

Please see recipe and notes on page 2

Mezepoli Cocktail Recipe: Negroni Sbagliato


  • 1 shot Campari
  • 1 shot Sweet Vermouth
  • Prosecco to top up
  • Orange slice and fresh rosemary sprig to garnish


  1. In a highball glass pour the Campari and Sweet Vermouth
  2. Add ice cubes and gently top up with Prosecco
    Garnish with an orange slice down one side of the glass and a sprig of fresh rosemary in the top

MIXOLOGISTS TIP: Place a long spoon in the glass when adding the Prosecco to help prevent it bubbling over